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Hi everyone!

This week we plan to migrate the current Open Beta to the Release version. We've put this off for the past two weeks as we worked on some Hornet and other items.

For next week's Open Beta, we plan (not promise):

1- GBU-10, 12, and 16 laser-guided bombs with off-board designation.
2- Bullseye (A/A Waypoint) and BRA indications.
3- Improved IR Maverick axis slew and other Maverick fixes/additions like improved ship attack, longer ship lock ranges, range indications when slaved, and others.
4- Fixed DUD cue.
5- New radar defaults based on SME feedback.
6- Fixed cockpit art like left DDI error.
7- JHMCS updates like look-up reticles.
8- Air show smoke.
9- Fixed ACM HUD mode indications.
10- L&S target heading on attack format.

I'll have some Bulls/BRA and LGB videos coming by the weekend.

In parallel, the team is hard at work on the HARM, datalink (SA page, MIDS, Link-16), FLIR rendering tech, and A/G rendering tech.

All of this will be part of 2.5.4.


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