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Dear all,

As has been mentioned before, adding Fallon NAS and its range (and buffer area) to the NTTR map will not happen for several reasons:

1- While Fallon NAS is barely in the current NTTR map, the entire range and buffer area is certainly not.

2- The NTTR map is already as max size that can support current RAM min-specs (8 GB).

3- To add such a huge amount of work would also result in a higher price; many users would have a fit.

4- The NTTR map is centered on the NTTR, not all of Nevada. Way out of scope.

5- Based on customer feedback, we have heard overwhelming that most customers want new combat theater maps, not training maps.

6- A Fallon NAS map would be a great opportunity for a 3rd party.

7- All our map resources are tied up with new map projects for the next several years.

While I understand the desire, I’m afraid it’s not feasible for all the above reasons. Perhaps a qualified 3rd party though may wish to take it on.

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