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Default Now Serving list numbers 41 thru 50

PointCTRL is an index finger mounted device that enables pilots operating Virtual Reality flight simulators the ability to interact with cockpit controls naturally and intuitively.

Now Serving 41 thru 50 from FireCats Listhttps://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php...&postcount=690

PointCTRL Kit Includes: HMS (Head Mounted Sensor)w/ mount, 2 FCUs (Finger Control Units) w/150mah lipo batteries, dual jack USB charger w/o 5v USB power supply , Fireproof case, 10ft Micro USB cable, and assorted attachment supplies.
Price $175.00 USD
U.S. Shipping $6.00
Canada $20.00
Europe $26.00
Australia $28.00

Spare Parts (not required), may incur additional shipping cost
HMS Mount Body Only - Specify Type $8.00
HMS Cover - Universal $4.00
FCU Body Only w/strap - Specify left or right $8.00
FCU Front $2.00
10ft/3m Light Weight Braided Micro USB Cable $8.00
Duel USB charger w/o power supply $8.00
150mah Lithium polymer battery $5.00
Lipo Fire Safe Bag $8.00

Please follow these steps:
1) PM me here with your email address so Carol can confirm your email with your DCS screen name.
2) Send an email to orders@pointctrl.com from the same email address with the following information.

Subjuct line: Order-(your DCS Dcreen Name)
Country being shipped to:
V/R Headset mount required:
Spare Parts:

You will receive an invoice with the items you listed, Please confirm items, if something is wrong just send an email to orders@pointctrl.com
After payment your order should be shipped the next day.

If there are any ED moderators out there let us know if this is okay to do in the forum until the website is up.

If you missed your number just follow the above procedure and your order will be processed immediately following the current groups.


PointCTRL Links
PointCTRL Set-Up instructionshttps://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php...postcount=1167
FireCat's information links https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php...postcount=1149

Old Initial Post
Hey Guys,
I have been developing a VR mouse emulating device for the past 6 months, and I am close to posting some pics and videos of a working production prototype. I have been using a prototype of this device with DCS for a few months now. Those that fly on the 99th ‘s server are familiar with it. I have not wanted to say anything here because a lot of claims are made and products don’t materialize. But I woke up this morning and said, “why not?”. The device is called PointCTRL, and consists of 2 wireless, wearable index finger devices, a wireless HMD mounted micro tracking camera, and a USB dongle receiver. The ring type devices have three tactile push buttons along the inbound sides, allowing them to be identified and pressed with the thumb. Each ring is tracked in 2d space only, emulating mouse movement and button presses. No external software is required to run PointCTRL, as it is only recognized as a standard HID mouse. Software is provided to customize personal parameters and functions. So basically, instead of searching for the mouse or picking up a secondary controller, you just point at the switch, button, or lever you want to interact with, and then press one of the three tactile switches to operate it. If it’s a control that is mouse clickable, and you can see and point at it anywhere in your 360-degree environment, you can interact with it. A companion product will also be available that simulates touching a cockpit panel. The mouse press is emulated when finger contact is made with the panel, while the position is being tracked by the camera. PointCTRL can also be configured to work with standard monitors. Part of my reason for posting my progress is to help me stay focused on this task, as I tend to get distracted by shiny things. I am going to post pics and possibly a video in 1 week, not 2 weeks, but 1 week. I will try and answer any further questions in a somewhat timely manner, but I only have 6 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes to get some pics and videos out.



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