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Originally Posted by Sydy View Post
Liked the review and decided to put in an order.

Lookig forward to installing it.
Hi guys,

Just to make the Brazilians aware. Brazil is an horrible country for customs.

I made the order and was promptly served by Shapeways. The AB detent cost was USD$36,29 (usd 30,00 shipping). It came via UPS and they charged me R$264,00 (USD68,00) for “customs fees”.

In other words, a part that costs USD6,29 will get in Brazil for USD104,29.

This has nothing to do with Shapeways, but with the horrible Customs fees in Brazil.

The purpose of this post is to make Brazilians aware that they will be charged hard by brazilian frigging customs. I hate them.

All the best,


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