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Default DCS 2.5.2 Update 4

DCS Update 4
To Open Beta

DCS World
  • JTAC radios comms error due to SA-18 fixed.
  • AI F/A-18C. Incorrect surfaces position with cold start of AI aircraft corrected.
  • AI F/A-18C. Default control surfaces after landing corrected.
  • AI F/A-18C. Aircraft will spawn without hot running engine when selected cold start option on the deck parking.
  • ME. Ground/water units numeration corrected.
  • ME F/A-18C payload panel. Added option for removing pylons in the payloads menu.
  • The modulation of shipborne radios set to AM by default.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet
  • Sound distortion when passing through Mach 1 corrected.
  • Radar altitude hold mode autopilot will not be goes to high negative Gs.
  • The spawned aircraft will not be stucking in the carrier deck.
  • EMERJ JETT button will require push and hold for the emergency jettison sequence routine. There is no instantaneous jettison.
  • Fixed the behavior of the aircraft when flaps extended from the AUTO to HALF/FULL positions.
  • Chaff/Flare EW Page. It is possible to go from a value 100 to 0 by one click UP button.
  • Bug with pressing UFC button 4 that caused to remove some of the aircrafts elements - fixed.
  • Fixed countermeasures reload.
  • MP. Carrier Auto Launch Sequence. A client should have to be within 3 meters of the start of the CAT, with angles in not more 10 degrees to CAT line error and extended launch bar for the shortcut key U to work and connect the launch bar.
  • MP. The clients will be stand tightly on the deck during the ship’s motions.
  • Added option and input command to enable/disable afterburner detent, default fingerlift key is for both. For normal operation, you must re-save the options before the first use.
  • MP. Carrier spawn queuing system causes game crash - fixed.
  • Updated the french F/A-18C Hornet manual.

DCS MiG-21Bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Adjusted HUD and windscreen reflectiveness.
  • Removed duplicate 3D mesh objects in cockpit.
  • Adjusted landing and taxi lights as a temporary fix to prevent cockpit bleed-through.
  • Added RSBN frequencies for Persian Gulf.
  • Fixed missing kneeboard maps.
  • Updated mission folder structure.

DLC Campaigns
  • A-10C NTTR Red Flag Campaign - added CN localization
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