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Default DCS 2.5.2 Update 2

DCS Update 2 for Open Beta

The NET protocol was changed. The current version of DCS is not compatible with old ones in the multiplayer.

DCS World
  • Aircraft with "uncontrolled" setting will not damages aircraft carrier.
  • Aircraft will not takeoff from an unactivated aircraft carrier.
  • CVN-74 Stennis. Decreased max speed to real rate.
  • Graphic options. SSAA disabled above 1080P.
  • CVN-74 Stennis. Fixed AI collisions when AI group takeoff from ramp or from parking.
  • CVN-74 Stennis. The aircraft will be not fall through left elevator.

  • Waypoint Time On Target functions will not crashes DCS.
  • Added high visibility textures of tanks FPU-8A.
  • When launching from Carrier w/ Radio Menu Open, mouse control of camera is disabled after - fixed.

DCS Spitfire IX
  • Tail wheel animation corrected.

  • Altitude Sensor Selector preventing use of IRMAVs bug fixed.
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