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Default 2018-03-14 Update 4

DCS 2.5 Open Beta Update 4
  • MP. Fixed issue when client can only see up to 5 ground units that are stationary.
  • MP. Ground units will be able to activated on client.
  • MP. Fixed crash on P-51D MainPanel:update_arguments().
  • MP. Client in multiplayer will see missiles of SAM launcher after its rearming.
  • MP. Fixed issue when player can't join server with password if he previously enter incorrect password.
  • MP. Stingers and Igla missiles will be visible for Clients.
  • MP. Fixed multi-monitor setup crashes when joining or hosting multiplayer game.
  • Speed indication on external view status bar will show more number positions.
  • Aircraft AI will take damage after collision with trees.
  • Enemy Within campaign. Added Doc folder and corrected missions.
  • Museum Relic campaign. Added corrected missions, version 2.6.
  • A-10C. Typo correction German A-10C manual.
  • Mi-8MTV2. Spring Tension campaign updated for DCS 2.5
  • Mi-8MTV2. Wrong reading of the working pressure in the hydraulic system fixed.
  • A10C Sturmovik campaign adapted for DCS 2.5.
  • Stryker M1128. Corrected machine gun position.
  • Corrected waterline level of several amphibious ground units.
  • NS430. 2nd ref wpt for user waypoints is calculated incorrectly when changing distance manually.
  • NS430. Approach data errors: KHND.
  • NS430. Menu button breaks Right Knob.
  • Updated and corrected Vegas tour missions.
  • Fixed issue when trigger zone can't be moved.
  • GUI. The open mission panel. Sorting order in mission list will be saved.
  • Increased max number of sound hosts for avoidance runtime errors in complicated sound conditions with many sound emitters.
  • L-39. Update training missions.
  • Fixed crash when player switches to another aircraft on the ship's deck.
  • Georgian Hammer with CA campaign adapted to DCS 2.5.

Hotfix with SF copy-protection issue.
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