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Default DCS 2.5.0 HOTFIX 3

2018-02-14 HOTFIX 3
  • Updated several missions of UH-1H Argo Campaign.
  • Updated several missions of A-10C The Enemy Within Campaign.
  • MP anticheat. Speed relative explosion power is clamped to 500 m/s.
  • Controlled Ground units can pass through tunnel wall. Fixed.
  • Fixed issue with ground AI when given stop and resume triggers returns to previous WP instead of continuing the route.
  • UH-1H UN Campaign mission 2 trigger will working.
  • Fixed ME error me_map_window.lua in dynamic weather panel.
  • Sea waves animation will be works correctly from inside some cockpits.
  • Multiple flights starting on a FARP at the same time will not spawn on a player.
  • Tanker will be fill external tanks of aircraft.
  • B-17G ball turret will fire.
  • B-17G will attack enemy at second approach.
  • UH-1H: Fixed issue with barometric altimeters when atmospheric pressure below limit.
  • AI Radio. Fixed error in wMessage::buildSpeechQ appearing in some conditions.

  • Corrected empty fuel tank definition
  • Cockpit model improvements
  • External model improvements
  • Added EHSD Moving Map (Work-in-Progress)
  • Added TPOD laser ranging
  • Updated TPOD TDC movements
  • Updated TPOD target transfer
  • Corrected aircraft basic empty weight (slightly too low before)
  • Corrected aircraft basic empty roll inertia (too high before, creating incorrect roll response)
  • Corrected combat rating not allowed when nozzles not aft or gear down
  • Corrected very high altitude engine performance (>35000ft, was insufficient before)

  • Improved pitch responsiveness
  • Improved AP responsiveness and control
  • Improved extreme angle of attack behavior
  • Improved engine malfunction modeling during in-flow loss
  • Controls indicator now also shows trim position (previously only shown during AP engagement)
  • Removed innacurate altitude limitations for AP engagement
  • Corrected nature of trim control sensitivity to be relative to framerate
  • Corrected nature of AP heading and trim control sensitivity to be relative to framerate
  • Corrected helmet visor animation and reversal between external and cockpit view
  • Corrected direction of trim indicator in controls indicator
  • Corrected innacurate pitch moment with airbrake deployment
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