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Exclamation Why Christen Eagle II?

Because the love for aviation extends outside strictly military aircraft bounds.

DCS is a simulation platform, a powerful one. We strongly believe it could be extended outside its initial military purpose. Together with Eagle Dynamics SA and The Fighter Collection we introduce one beautiful civilian airplane to this world, opening the door for new things to come.

We imagine future of DCS as a general world simulating platform where almost anything could be simulated. Our Christen Eagle II is a small step toward that future.

We know the Christen Eagle II will find its way into the hearts of many. What matters here is that we bring more choice to DCS, extending and enriching it, making it more accessible to the people within and outside the current community, attracting them to come to DCS and play, and educating them about the reach world of aviation.

Limitations are just imaginary.

We go beyond.

Thank you all so very much.
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