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Default DCS 2.2.0


Support of AV-8B by RAZBAM

DCS World
  • Encyclopedia. Many new units/objects added.
  • ME. Unit column added to GROUP PANEL.
  • ME. Unit’s module name added to GROUP PANEL.
  • SA-6 Kub. Continuously loss target tracking - fixed.
  • SA-11 Buk: Launcher has too big detection angle - fixed.
  • SAM Hawk work restored.
  • Flat shadows restored.
  • Trees shadows will not disappears at some view and distance.
  • Crash caused by attack of AI fighter to cruise missile - fixed.
  • Illumination bomb now have a damage model.
  • AI ships. Dramatical FPS drop when harpoon launched - fixed.
  • SSE. Controller.getDetectedTargets() will work with EWR radars.
  • Added localization keys for WWII aircraft armaments.
  • KC-135 can refuel from another tanker.
  • AI Aircraft refuel sequence corrected.
  • The Multi-functional Display will not flickering when using SLI/XFire and Deferred Shading.
  • Warehouse status restored for warehouse static objects.
  • Moon will light the fog.
  • AI aircraft. The impact point calculation of CBU-97 corrected.
  • Axis indication added to Input GUI.
  • Add China Asset Pack
  • Update voice over for CN
  • Aircraft will not damaged when it spawned on the flight deck of carrier.
  • Added procedure that collect all necessary files to ZIP for diagnostic. After game crash, will be started procedure that automatically collects debugging information: crash report, crash dump, track, log. If the user agrees to provide information about the system, then msinfo.nfo and dxdiag.txt files are additionally attached.
  • Added a gameplay statistics. If the user agrees for statistic collecting, the game settings and the type of the player controlled object will be sended to server. This information will be analyzed for further gameplay improvements.
  • Helicopter AIs will landing to ships with helicopter pad.
  • MP. Shelling and destruction zone trigger will be visible to clients.
  • The crash with flight.dll that appears after some player helicopter actions on the FARP is fixed.
  • ME. The next route leg will not be go off the road when moved the previous route waypoint.
  • VR. Crash with F10 map view - fixed.
  • MP. Rearm and Refuelling menu will be reset when user makes disconnect/connect.
  • ME. Corrected an ME layout in the minimum allowed screen resolution.
  • GUI. Mission selection menu will allow sort by columns.

DCS Flaming Cliffs
  • Su-27/33: Added engine thrust dependence on the outside air temperature.
  • A-10A: Added axis control of wheel brakes.
  • Su-27: Stick limiter override command added to joystick profile.
  • MiG-29: Airbrake will be closed when gear is lowered.
  • Su-33. Altimeter will not stop at high altitude.

  • Engine EGT limits were implemented
  • Fine tuning of the engine and hover modelling was done, discrepancy with real chart now not exceeding 2.7%.
  • Cargo indicator logic was remade for cargo unhook aid mode.
  • Bug when you drop/unhook sling load cargo but cargo weight is still affecting airframe was fixed
  • Sling load cargo drop cockpit controls were implemented
  • Bugfix: Endless and cloned escaping animation when one pilot was died

  • Tail boom separation during sling load operation with acceptable vertical speed was fixed
  • Crew chief hints for cargo unhook zone navigation was tuned (EN version still needs addition of several commands WIP)
  • Cargo indicator logic was remade for cargo unhook aid mode
  • Visualization of sling load cable was fixed
  • Refinement of tuning for AP-34B autopilot was done in pitch-roll channel
  • Engine Fire failure (left and right engines in ME were mixed) fixed

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
  • Corrected ADI ball animation in both pitch and roll. (Removed movement in "yaw". Improved pitch accuracy).
  • New Flight Director bars with curvature, according to real ADI presentation.
  • New sounds implemented for control stick and rudder pedals. (WIP).
  • Removed unwanted sound when canopy is open.
  • TACAN memory/acquisition logic adjusted - acquisition timer added (0.5 seconds).
  • Updated TACAN 115V power consumption - no consumption when in receive only mode.

DCS Spitfire IX
  • Added default snap views.

DCS Hawk T.1 by VEAO
  • FM updates and tweaks
  • AHRS toppling fixed
  • Weapon functionality improvements
  • Weapons payload balanced
  • Weapons pickle release timer corrected
  • Known Issue: Intermittent taxiing bug when wind set in mission

  • Added mipmaps of an aircraft skins.
  • Small bug fixes.
  • Fixed: Jettison does not work with empty rocket pods.
  • Fixed: Cannot select AGM-122 Sidearms via ACP.
  • Fixed: MK-20 in ITERS released unarmed.
  • Fixed: Parking brake not active on flight start
  • Fixed: Mirrors
  • Automatic Flaps Schedule upgraded

DCS NS-430 by BST
Some bugs fixed:
  • TOTAL TRIP TIME timer in the Utility menu counts too fast
  • Measure cursor doesn't allow measurement of arbitrary points on the map
  • NRST entry in Direct-To page incorrect
  • Wrong distance units displayed
  • Fixed typing with a large right knob
  • Unable to select NRST from Direct-To
  • Rounding error in remaining leg distance
  • Default runway minimum length on the NRSTapt page should be shorter than 2000m
  • NRSTapt page approach type should show best available approach (not always ILS)
  • VLOC default frequency is outside the allowed range of radio navigation beacons
  • Cannot make USR waypoints.
  • DIS field on NAVdefault page shows wrong number of digits
  • GPS should remember which subpage you were on
  • Unable to set more than 9.9 gallons per hour in the Fuel Planning menu
  • Changing GS field on NAVdef page causes other fields to disappear
  • If you turn power off and back on, it resumes inputting fields on the self test screen
  • Measure cursor position gets corrupted when you zoom in or out
  • Unable to load approaches with flight plans or direct-to enabled
  • FPL button unusable after adding a waypoint to a flight plan
  • Track doesn't seem to account for magnetic declination properly, since JSAVIONICS changes
  • DIS field on flight plan page should only have 1 decimal place
  • Flight Plan errors
  • Unable to select airport properly when loading approaches without a flight plan or destination
  • Heading instead of track
After 1.5.8-beta public:
  • ME to FPL random bugs
  • Loading an approach errors
  • The default approach shown should be the most precise. ILS > RNAV > VOR > NDB > Circling. Circling approaches do not have the runway number in the title.
  • Unable to set coordinate of WP by means of RAD/DIS and RAD/RAD
  • GPS incorrectly allows editing of mission editor airport waypoints
  • GPS should only use approach or departure mode if you activate an approach or departure
  • Unable to set coordinate of WP by means of RAD/DIS and RAD/RAD
  • Wrong waypoints offered for approach transitions
  • The NS430 pre-fills to the last or current waypoint. NS430 prompts for duplicates that are not identical if they share a root
  • Suggested course popup is showing true instead of magnetic
  • Direct-to legs should not draw an airport icon at the origin on the map
  • Wrong waypoints offered for approach transitions
  • Invalid fuel planning solutions should be hidden from user
  • After using direct-to navigation, unable to activate a leg from the existing flight plan
  • CN NS430 manual updated

DCS Combined Arms
  • F10 map. Fog of War: target mark will not follows target outside of sensors line of sight.

Known Issues
Multiple Tarawa class ships in the same group cause a crash.
А-10С "Vegas Tour” mission without player’s aircraft.
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Flying Legend 2018
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