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Default Closed Conflict

Hello guys

I have been struggling with this decision for some times now but here it is: Open Conflict is closing.

Lately, hosting the server has been feeling more and more like a chore and a source of anxiety.
I've always said I will close it when my fun runs out and it sadly did.

Hosting OC was a great experience for me and I had a ton of fun playing and discussing with you guys.

Because I would like to end on a positive note, I don't want to dwell too much on the reasons of this decision.
However, I've been told that I was bad at communicating the struggles I faced hosting OC so here is a small explanation for people interested.
  • Hosting a server for a game with so many aircrafts each having diverse perks is time consuming and will become more with the addition of new aircrafts and different maps.
    I have now less free time in my life and would like to focus on some other projects.
  • Lately, DCS 1.5 has become a more stressful platform for me to develop on with more bugs, performance problems and unstabilities.
    I always have a shot of anxiety each time a patch is dropped
  • Hosting OC and being able to properly tests my features with every aircrafts and their diverse perks is also somehow expensive.
    The addition of buyable maps and assets packs will also increase this cost in the future.
    I was never able to secure dev licences with ED and I am thankfull for the donations I got and that allowed me to buy some aircrafts and replace the broken hardware.

On a more positive side, I wanted to thanks:
  • The 26030 unique players that visited the server, at least once I hope you had fun.
  • The 52 unique donators that help me keep the server afloat.
  • Vyrtuoz for lending me the original computer to open the server (go buy Tacview now )
  • CrimsonGhost for hosting TS for me
  • Ciribob for hosting SR for me
  • Cosmicdoubloon, Bert and DustOff=3=6 for being awesome admins and advisors
  • The WarDogs clan in general for their advices and beta testings for aircrafts I don't own
  • Belgriffen for his help in what should have been the next OC.
  • Everyone that killed F-15Cs
  • ED for making the game

I am not quitting DCS and will go back to pilot my Su-27 and be one of these FC3 pilots that everyone will bash because their cockpit is not clickable

On a side note, even if I don't agree with all their choices, I really like where ED is bringing DCS.
DCS 2.5 with a proper dedicated server system that can host efficiently and freely on any map would be awesome

I know this news can be a downer for some so I will end with a quote of a famous philosopher and even more famous F15 pilots:
"I am sad that it is ending but I am happy for what it was."
-Taylor Swift

Over and out,

My server:
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