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Arrow CombatFlite -- a flight planning tool


Current version 1.0.4 available for download HERE!

See complete change log here.

Check www.combatflite.com for more information.

Follow @CombatFlite for news and updates!

Original post:


I would like to introduce a project I have been working on. CombatFlite is a flight planning tool for easy package-oriented mission planning, rehearsal and pre-flight preparation. Among many other features, it allows you to plan routes for multiple flights of a package, generate a mission data card and a customized route map, that you can print, save or export to your kneeboard as a .png file. One of the main planned features is the ability to create a data cartridge with flight route, aircraft loadout and aircraft systems settings (for appropriate aircraft types only -- the focus is obviously on A-10C, AJS-37, AV-8B, F/A-18C, but subject to practical feasibility to implement this feature).

The overall goal of CombatFlite is to enhance the combat flight simulation experience by enabling realistic package-oriented flight planning.

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Key features:
- Creation of holding and refueling orbits, CAPs, SEAD CAPs, reference points, polygons and bullseyes
- Easy flight route creation; snapping waypoints to created reference points, nav points, orbits, CAPs, airfields etc.
- When moving a snap-to point (CAP, reference point, AAR orbit, etc.), all waypoints snapped to it automatically move with it
- Nav point and airfield database
- Automated loadout selection according to task
- Cloning of flights for fast strike package building
- Mission rehearsal (playback) via a timeline control with highlighted events (vul times, TOTs etc.)
- Ability to create and export snapshots of critical phases of the mission
Customizable mission data card, route map and individual route leg maps with navigation info, TCN beacon fix, altitude as AMSL/QFE/AGL
- Option to export the kneeboard, save it as a PNG, or print it
- Data cartridge creation, including flight route, aircraft systems settings and configuration (subject to DCS/module support)
- Basic .miz file import/export capability

Extra features:
- Visibility plot (360° line-of-sight visibility determination from a given point for a given aircraft height)
- Color terrain visualization and highest peak depiction based on SRTM data
- Ability to switch between different raster maps
- Ability to add custom overlays (bitmap imagery)
- Mission overview (total distances, flight durations, average speeds and altitudes of all flights)
- Unit of measure selection to better suit your aircraft
- QFE support
- Fuel/performance calculation
- Different visual themes (including High-Vis and WWII)

Development status:
All the abovementioned features are in various phases of development, many of which are complete. However, it is very much a WIP.

Any input is highly appreciated!
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