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Default DCS 2.1.1. Update 6

DCS Update 6

DCS World
  • NTTR map improvements.
  • F-16 and MiG-29 added to Poland.
  • AI propeller aircraft: landing physics improved.
  • ME: Formation list localized.
  • Train will work with late activation.
  • The crash in the mission dialog when corrupted mission file is in folder fixed.
  • Server crash when client disconnected by timeout fixed.
  • AI aircraft with AFAC task will mark target by laser again.

DCS SA342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations
  • Added Hydraulic Damages
  • Added Camera Damages
  • Added Cockpit Instruments/Devices Damages
  • Corrected Rotor Rpm Governor
  • Corrected Autopilot Altitude and Speed modes
  • Corrected Ground behavior
  • Corrected Autopilot needles
  • Corrected Autopilot Speed mode
  • Corrected behavior at ground
  • Corrected damages (still WIP)
  • Corrected Fenestron damaged 3D shapes
  • Corrected Flap sound
  • Corrected Zbias issue at Alarm panel
  • Reworked damages (still WIP)
  • Reworked sounds (still WIP)
  • Corrected vortex effect
  • Corrected lods 3D shapes

  • Su-33: Corrected Normandy Su-33 Strike mission (increased carrier speed, decreased TO weight).
  • Su-33: Trimmer will work when in refueling mode.
  • Su-33: Refueling probe will light up by refueling lights.
  • Su-33: Part of the cockpit canopy texture restored.
  • Su-33: Flaperons will not intersect with missile launchers and vertical stabs when wings are folded.
  • Su-27: Missiles under air intakes aligned on the launchers.
  • Su-27: Vertical Velocity indicator will not have white looking edge when cockpit lights are on.

DCS MiG-15bis
  • Corrected the textures of mechanization indicator lamps.

DCS Fw 190 D-9
  • Incorrect textures of indicator lamp fixed.
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