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Hello everybody,
here's an update to version Beta Civil_Aircraft_Mod_V0.77 (7zip), April 2018.

The mod is created by cdpkobra (known for his famous VSN-Mods), Skins by SethOs and me.
This AI mod is freeware. All 3D models are from cadnav.com and are free to use. Since changing the directory for mods in DCS, this mod isn't JSGME-ready, so you have to install it manually. The aircraft is placeable like other aircrafts as well and for use as AI or static object except the Cessna. Anyway there's a script out there for random traffic (https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=194247).

Video: CAM
Video: Air Police

How to install the mod:

1. Extract the ZIP File (7-zip.org, WinRAR, WinZIP etc)
2. inside the "Civil Aircraft Mod V0.77"-Folder is the Mod himself called "Civil Aircraft Mod" folder. Copy/paste (or even move) this whole folder ("Civil Aircraft Mod") into

C:\ User \ Username \ Saved Games \ DCS.openbeta (or similar) \ Mods \ aircraft
(If the folder "Mods\aircraft" does not exist, create them)

After all you will find the B-747, B-737, B-727, B-757, A-380 and Cessna 210N in your Aircraft list in Mission Editor. If you want to fly the Cessna, there is a .cmd-file in CAM-Folder. Double click the '02 Cessna_Flyable.cmd' that makes the 210N flyable.
Report any bugs and issues here in this thread.

Update 0.77; April 2018:
- Wingspan reduced for B-747 and A-30 in .lua-file (collision issue on ground)

Download via Dropbox:

Direct Download via FTP:

Update: May, 2018:

for all newer Mods always visit this site here:

Known issues:
- B747 or A380 disapear after landing if airport has no large parkings
- CAM sometimes refuses to land (like other AI-Aircrafts in DCS)

No guarantee for this Mod.
have fun

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