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Exclamation By way of an update

Hey Guys,

I thought I'd give you abit of an update on how things are going with DCS at the moment.

With P-40 we have completed the conversion of P-40 to DCS 2.1 This was no small task for us as we had focused on development in 1.5.x so that we could expand functionality as far as we could as fast as we could.

So whats working and whats not on P-40 at the moment?

Well the good news is more is working than isn't working. Most of the essential systems are working and in high fidelity as well.

Systems such as the hydraulics are modeled in alot of detail. The gear and flaps operating procedures and methodology matches that of the manual and real life feedback very very closely. The electronic systems and battery systems again have all been modeled in extensive detail as well.

We felt that we needed to expand this functionality as much as we could as these aspects as they are core to the experience of the P-40's core systems.

Work on the engine has been extensively overhauled including the startup process which has a degree of chance built into it, ask any warbird pilot and starting something like this is never a precise science. You can do the same thing 10 times and it won't behave the same way each time, we have spent quite alot of time working to replicate this behavior, its not finished and is something we will have to continue tuning through the remaining dev process and probably into Beta.

Work on textures, for the whole module, is continuing.

Flight model wise, We had conducted extensive testing (Thank you to our two supertesters - you know who you are) with repetitive glide and climb tests, max speed testing, engine performance testing, roll rate confirmation etc etc - The list is extensive. Now we are in 2.1 we need to do some verification to make sure nothing has changed or fallen to the wayside.

The FM is now performing pretty much where we want it in/around the circuit and in the tests which we have data for are lining up with the sim performance now we have completed a few months of testing and tweaking. Ground handling etc is all working lovely and the aircraft is performing very close to feedback received from our warbird pilots and where tuning and amendments need to happen we have been working with them to produce a better FM for everyone.

Weapons are all working and things like convergence etc is being fine tuned but it all fundamentally works, its just tweaks at this point.

Issues outstanding are mainly the "End game" stuff, primarily failures and departure from flight tuning, so spins and stalling. We have a couple of more advanced features that we'd like to add to the module, we haven't decided if they will be added before or during Beta. More on those in the next couple of months.

Ok, So Hawk.

Yes there are issues, We have been stripping away alot of the legacy code (bear in mind some of it was written over 5 years ago!) This has taken some considerable time.

We have a list of things that we want to work over and continue expanding development on, Most of these items are known in the community anyway but include things like FM tuning, Damage model re-work (primarily effects and failures), electic system issues etc. We know and have been logging lists of things that need reworking.

The work on Hawk is extensive and to do a proper job on it we have to unpick more stitches then we would have preferred but those are the shakes and its not something we are shying away from.

So, all I can hear you asking now is When? I wish I could tell you with precision, all I can say at the moment is that P-40 is currently taking up alot of our time with the conversion to 2.1 and the changes and expansion I spoke about earlier. I expect us to spend more of the remainder of 2017 working on getting P-40 as close to Beta as we can.

Early in 2018 more attention will be diverted to Hawk while our testers go over the P-40 and start inundating us with bug reports (not too many I hope!) One thing we do hope to push to Hawk sooner rather than later is the new PBR cockpit textures.

I will try and post some screen grabs etc next week, maybe a video depending on how time goes, the real life job is mental at the moment, limiting the time I can spend on screen grabs etc over actual development work, but I will try.

We made no secret that a good portion of our attention has moved away from DCS. This does not mean that we have abandoned it, not at all.

The team behind P-40 and the majority of people continuing to work on DCS in general are and always will be DCS pilots and from the community. We will continue to do everything we can do continue furthering the development of the P-40, Hawk and then eventually Spitfire XIV.

I look forward to being able to show you more of P-40 and the Hawk re-works over the coming weeks/months.

As always myself and the entire VEAO family do appreciate your support and we will continue push ourselves to get P-40 to beta as soon as possible and to get the re-work of the Hawk done as soon as we possibly can.

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