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A new stable version is available! With this release, the X-Plane support is available in an EXPERIMENTAL state!

Stable changelog:
- XP11: basic turboprop support added
- X-Plane helicopter added
- Added APU effect for X-Plane
- Afterburner effect added for X-Plane
- Display current plane/game in GUI fixed for X-Plane
- Parsing of UDP message in X-Plane module fixed
- X-Plane pause detection added
- Various X-Plane bugs fixed

- Gear turbulence effect added
- Game combobox text updated
- Model entry combo box text enhanced
- Hide column if output device is not available
- Fix colours in cells
- Corrected ground roll effect
- Adjusted landing gear moving effect strength for Jetseat
- Link to Andre's e-Shop added
- Ground bump effect adjusted
- Flap effect strength increased
- Ground effect/rolling updated
- Touchdown effect reworked
- Wheel blocking fixed in some DCS planes
- DCS winds converted from m/s to kts

and many more...
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