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Community A-4E: August 2017 Update

Hi everyone. Just a few things to report this month...

First, while the interior unwrap is continuing, we aren't yet finished updating the new surface texturing to match, and thus we're not quite ready to show off the fully painted cockpit yet. Hopefully ready within the next few weeks and ready for our next update.

We did take the time to re-model our fuel tanks (to include bobtail variants on the centerline) and give each livery its own fuel tank skin, as a function of the squadron you choose. We combed through a bunch of historical photos we had of the various squadrons, and tried to replicate the tanks as accurately as possible.

As an example, here's VA-163 Saints with a pair of 300 gallon wing tanks and six Mk-82 bombs on the centerline:

And here's VMA-311 Tomcats with a relatively plain bobtailed 400 gallon centerline fuel tank.

Aerodynamics and weight of the new tank variants is modeled. Tanks are painted according to base livery, size of the tank, and whether they're on station 2/4 or the centerline.

On top of the new fuel tanks, we've done a lot of small changes to improve how the cockpit warning lights and textures look in the new 2.1 engine with deferred shading. As that's that path forward for DCS, we're trying to keep up. We've also got a number of small fixes to our external model to improve how it renders, as well as fixing the left side bort numbers for our aggressor skins. I don't happen to have pictures handy, but we'll include more cockpit pictures and video when we're ready to show off the full unwrap.

Systems wise, just a few small changes: New g-meter behavior with max and min needles, the pitot-static based VSI behaves more realistically, and we've fixed the behavior of some knobs and switches.

Thanks for everyone's support!

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