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DCS 1.5.7 Update 1 (

F-15C: The Georgian War campaign
8 August 2008. The Russo - Georgian war catches four USAF F-15Cs and their crew in Georgian territory. American pilots came to present their jets before a possible purchase of several machines by the small state in South Caucasus.

Although inspired by true events, this fictional campaign puts player in a cockpit of F-15C Eagle. Throughout 16 missions in the space of several days, he will help the Georgian forces face much more numerous and better equipped foe.

DCS World
  • QFE pressure in autobriefing - hPa added, values arranged
  • FPS drop when multi unit SAMS are used fixed
  • Input: DCS GUI no more freezes when user assigned {LCtrl+L} combo
  • User Interface input commands added for keyboard
  • Mission Editor: Static icons no more duplicates
  • Crash when use 'on shot' trigger deactivation for air defence groups fixed
  • All the internal missions/campaigns included in ED/BST modules have been localized into Chinese at the moment.
  • Crash on loading A-10C DSMS training lesson fixed
  • Su-25 cockpit glass texture is bound to cockpit frame
  • MiG-29S. “CAP” quick start mission fixed. Now the last fighter flight will be activated. Quantity of the enemy aircraft was also decreased to make the mission easier to complete.
  • Mig-29S. The lighting in the cockpit is incorrect color fixed
  • F-15C “Free flight” mission briefing and triggered message corrected
  • UH-1H AI crew will now engage enemy
  • Fixed rope breaks when player tries to raise a cargo
Spitfire LF Mk. IX
  • New skins added
  • New skins added
  • “Checklist: Wind condition" joystick command added
  • AI crew will now engage enemy
  • Fixed rope breaks when player tries to raise a cargo
  • Connect to non-public server with password fixed
  • Connect to long running server fixed
  • UH-1H - UN Pilot. Chinese localization added.
  • Mi-8MTV2 - Oilfield. Cargo weight decreased in missions 05 and 11
  • Su-27 - Ultimate Argument. Reaction to Threat changed for Su-24 wing in mission 14
  • BS2 - Republic Campaign. ‘Soldier RPG’ removed from Mission ‘Rescue’
AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
  • Implemented various Radio functionality
  • Fixes to the Automatic Fuel Regulator
  • Fixes to afterburner at altitude
  • RB-04 no longer launching (exploding) when re-armed
  • RB-15 no longer launching (exploding) when re-armed
  • Added R for RUTA waypoints
  • Correction to TILS-stations numbering past 20
  • Multiple potential CTDs fixed
  • Corrected TILS layer switch not switching back
  • Fixed distance time line getting stuck relative to horizon when in sidewinder fast select mode
  • Fixed backup sights
  • Fixed several kneeboard issues
  • Fixed starter sound
  • Re-added playsound for Walkman
  • Wave 1 of input overhaul
  • Radio is now pre-configured to nearest airfield
  • Fixed issue with FR22 radio becoming unusable after moving radio function selector
  • Fixed broken easter egg (triggering during normal gameplay)
  • Tuned pylon x,y,z coordinates
  • Added custom data cartridge functionality
  • Added interface for custom data cartridge selection
  • Fixed several normal map issues in cockpit due to incorrect vertex tangents in exporter. Thanks Evgeny @ ED for the Plugin fix!
  • Fixed Radios crashing in MP
  • Added Unlimited Weapons functionality (NOTE: Some sight modes may not work correctly after firing all weapons yet, you may also need to cycle the master arm between firing)
  • Corrected Sights for Rockets (hitting long/short)
  • Corrected Sights for bombs (hitting long/short)
  • Fixed TAKT not showing weapon state after re-arm
  • Fixed TILS not going to phase 2 and 3 when going too fast/turning too slow
  • Fixed TILS switching to phase 2 when 180 degree from the runway heading.
  • Implemented Cockpit Clock (NOTE: Will only work in 2.1.X due to cockpit model export issue currently)
  • Corrected TILS angle restriction tolerances
  • Fixed NAV/RR mode releasing re-armed bombs
  • Fixed radar elevation in AA mode
  • Viggen now works from Saved Games path as well
  • Corrections to input/output validation
  • Updated RU/CN localization

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
  • All (EB and CC) radios now correctly handle ON/OFF status. Radio transmission is impossible if the radio is OFF, or priority was switched to another cockpit.
  • Added new IFR and FD training missions with EN, ES and CN localizations.
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