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this is not a "bug" or "issue"

Any "Mods" whether in the /CoreMods or /Mods Folder.
Will be blocked from loading in DCS.

All "mods" should be in the /Saved Games/ Folder and not the DCS Folder..

What you can do is Create a DCS.Mods Folder on another drive,

and Link them to the /Saved Games/ Folder using mklink

Make sure there isnt a /Mods/ Folder in the /Saved Games Folder Already. (if there is rename it for now)

Create the DCS.Mods Folder on Drive you want to store them on and subfolders for Aircraft etc.

Open Command Prompt(w/ Admin Privs.) from "C:/Users/<Username>/Saved Games/<DCS.Install>

mklink /d "Mods" "<path to DCS.Mods folder>"
this can be done for all the /Saved Games/<DCS.Installs> Folders.

So you will have ONE /DCS.Mods/ Folder, and it will be linked to all your Saved Games Folders.
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