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Community A-4E: July 2017 Update

Hi everyone!

Been a slow summer so far, with more vacations, one team member in OshKosh, one team member traveling Europe with his band, and me just being lazy.

Cockpit unwrap still continues, slowly but surely. Work is still in progress to improve cockpit lighting to work better in the new engine. Lastly, what we can show, is finishing out a few more weapon systems.

We've implemented 2 additional cluster dispensers, in addition to the CBU-2/A, which means 3 different cluster setups will be available:
  • CBU-1/A: SUU-7 dispenser with 509 BLU-4/B anti-personnel bomblets
  • CBU-2/A: SUU-7 dispenser with 360 BLU-3/B fragmentation bomblets
  • CBU-2B/A: SUU-7 dispenser with 409 BLU-3/B fragmentation bomblets

These may be carried individually or in pairs on the inboard wing pylons, stations 2 and 4.

New this month, the bomblets have (finally) received an unwrap and animation:

BLU-3/B "pineapple"

First, the BLU-3/B, known as the "pineapple," is a 1.75 lb fragmentation bomblet containing 0.35 lb of RDX explosive surrounded by 255 steel pellets. It measures 2.75" in diameter and is 3.75" long.

Vanes Closed:

Vanes Extended:

Another angle:


The second is the BLU-4/B. It is a 1.2 lb anti-personnel bomblet. Upon release, the drag vanes spread out to ensure it strikes bottom-first. This triggers a small charge which propels the fragmentation unit into the air to a height of about 10 feet, where it then explodes. This bomblet contains 0.18 lb of RDX. The BLU-4/B is about 5" long and 2.75" in diameter.

Vanes Closed:

Vanes Extended:

View of the fragmentation unit surface:

Beyond just the modeling, it took a bit of code work to figure out the "right" way to mount multiple cluster dispensers on the wing pylons, while maintaining some of the adaptive loadout code we use.

Putting it all together, here's a video of our first test of the CBU-2B/A in a racked pairs configuration (4 dispensers for a total of 1636 bomblets).

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

--gos and the team

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