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Default DCS 1.5.7

DCS 1.5.7
Update to Open Beta today. It will be available for public in the next week.

DCS WWII Asset Pack integrated.

If DCS fails to start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll file is missing, you need to install Universal CRT from: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/...ime-in-windows

It is not only DCS issue, please read here:

DCS World
  • Su-25T. Chinese flight manual updated.
  • The dispersion of aircraft gun cases increased by 3 times.
  • GUI. Main window. In the Module manager icon added not-installed modules indicator.
  • Su-25T. Fixed broken intro in Su-25T - Presents.miz
  • 'Default' zoom command {RCtrl+NumEnter} on external view restored.
  • Ingame option window will save latest used tab.
  • HAI. Default formation fixed for helicopters.
  • HAI. Group of helicopters always spawns in wedge formation regardless of ME option fixed.
  • Add trimmer mode for joysticks without spring and FFB into Ka-50 special options.
  • Fix ingame manual window is lesser than game window in minimum resolution.
A number of other minor corrections and improvements.

  • Russian flight manual updated.

  • Su-25. Chinese flight manual updated.
  • Su-25. NPP Pointer inverted.

DCS Hawk by VEAO
  • Hypoxia ceiling fixed.
  • Sidewinder tone fixed to go off when no more missiles or missile system switched off.

UH-1H by Belsimtek
  • Corrected a strange behavior of long cargo rope after hooking.

C-101 by AvioDev
  • Cockpit reflections corrected (Still WIP).
  • Added CN localization of Startup training mission.
  • Fixed magnetic compass index. It illuminates now when compass light is on.
  • Fixed Compass Light Switch (it had no animation).
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