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Default DCS 2.1.1

DCS World
  • Trigger Scenery Destruction Zone will work on Nevada.
  • Textures integrity control for terrains has been added.
  • GUI. Main window. Module manager icon with indicator of not-installed modules added.
  • Game options. Graphics presets slightly modified.
  • Game options. Added gamma slider available in the graphic options and ingame options.
  • Module Manager. Installed tab. Added hyperlinks to developers homepages.
  • Normandy. Added instant action missions for Ka-50, F-15C, Bf 109, Su-27, Fw 190, L-39.
  • PAI. WW2 big formation. Death of leader will not cause groups to turn around and head to their first waypoint. Added Mission Task to transfer the formation control from dead wing leader to followers.
  • Added livery selection into Rearm/Refuel panel.
  • Shadows on aircraft body with very noticeable aliasing corrected.
  • Input. A 'negative' axis response will restored.
  • UAZ driver model will not disappear on mid-range LOD.
  • Mirrors will not display distant objects through near ones.
  • GUI. Graphic options. Some options depend of Deferred Shading state.
  • AI helicopters. Helicopters will be spawn in the correct formation as it assigned into Advanced actions - Set options - Formations.
  • AI helicopters. Helicopter wingmen behaviour in formations corrected.
  • WWII Assets Pack extended. Added new units.
  • Su-25T. Chinese pilot manual updated.

  • Russian pilot manual updated.

  • Su-25: Fixed NPP Pointer that was inverted.
  • Su-25. Chinese pilot manual updated.

DCS UH-1H by Belsimtek
  • Corrected of strange behavior of long cargo rope after hooking.

DCS Mi-8MTV2 by Belsimtek
  • Bugfix: The center of gravity is not restored after the procedure "repair" (now it fixed)

Canopy glass in the development yet.
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