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Originally Posted by sirscorpion View Post
I know the hornet per say might have not taking that long but possibly the tech its needed is the bulk of the tough work.

Question, Does this underlying engine rebuild means that it will shorten the development time frame for future products? or will we only see ED push out a "complex" product every 3-5 years?
Well, F/A-18C is going to have 'a full pack' of complex features needed for other modern jets - AG radar, JHMCS, Link 4/16, HUD repeater, automatic landing, AA radar + long range missiles, 3 displays in the cockpit (one with different rendering method), 2 mission computers, Digital FCS, supersonic flight, arrested landings, HARM, Walleye, JDAM/JSOW, etc... So, yes new compex products will be done faster after F/A-18C.

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