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DCS Update 4

DCS: M-2000C by RAZBAM added to Steam (attention: it uses Steam Keys only instead of Starforce keys)

DCS World
  • PAI aircraft engine running with uncontrolled type fixed.
  • Crash on second simulation launch with JTAC fixed.
  • Scripting function Weapon.getTarget() on SEAD missiles now returns correct data.
  • Corrected maximum fuel quantity for OH-58.
  • Clouds aren’t longer rendered in front of water splashes.
  • AI planes won’t be spawned with running engine when ramp start.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
  • Fixed command bar jump when passing through north heading or setting north heading in HDG mode.
  • ALT mode commands now a correct altitude.
  • Fixed missing SBY and GS EXT lights in rear panel repeater.
  • FD V/L mode fixed.
  • Fixed FD GO AROUND mode, it now commands wings level in roll channel instead of lateral mode V/L.
  • Fixed GS mode, the airplane will now follow the glide path correctly.
  • Fixed FD PAT mode. Restored functionality. ADI pitch adjustment knob only sets FD command bar in PAT mode, not ADI pitch attitude.
  • Fixed ADI rising RWY symbol. It will now be hidden when the ADI is energized, as there is no radar altitude in the C-101EB.
  • Fixed animation limits, when moved by mouse wheel, for the following cockpit controls: VHF NAV Volume, HSI Digits Brightness, ADI Pitch Adjustment, Airspeed Indicator Bug (still buggy as it moves too fast, corrected for next update).

DCS MiG-21Bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Adjusted timing for SPS-141 flair drop.
  • Fixed random countermeasures not working when button is pushed.
  • Added Chinese localization.
  • Added frontal lock correction for 'rear-aspect only' missiles. Note that the missiles can still acquire frontal lock when the target ir signature becomes strong enough.
  • Added new skin: Croatia 2014
  • Fixed roll induced sideslip with SAS on.
DCS Su-27
  • Cockpit stick animation angles corrected.
DCS F-5E-3
  • Fixed incorrect rockets release with 60 ms interval set via kneeboard.
  • Joystick input for AI gunners panel added.
  • Training missions texts showtime reduced.

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