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Default DCS 1.5.6 Update 2

DCS Update 2

‘UH-1H Argo’ campaign introduced.

DCS World
  • Su-33 won’t try to take off with folded wings.
  • Ambient sound will not disappear after mission restart.
  • CG-60 Normandy: Restored missing sounds of anti-aircraft artillery.
  • Reduced Kh-25, Kh-29 warheads power.
  • Fixed “Hear Like In Helmet” option resets when changing sound volume.
  • Fixed wrong QFE pressure in briefing.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed crash on mission restart.
  • Fixed strange AI maneuvers when a task pushed by trigger.
  • Fixed bug with some ME tabs continued to be displayed when another window opened.

  • Fixed inverted CDI Vertical Bar.

DCS L-39
  • Option “Hide Stick” now works for L-39ZA.
  • Ailerons force limit by airflow was increased.
  • Throttle latch in rear cockpit will be opened in multiplayer mode.
  • Radio control switch fixed - control will be switched between the cockpits with every flip.
  • RSBN control box lighting fixed.
  • Fixed bias of minute pointer on stopwatch dial.

DCS Ka-50
  • Fixed hang of simulation after sending command "Attack datalink targets" to wingman.

  • Fixed progressive roll oscillation in autopilot ALT mode.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
The main reason for this update is the implementation of new navaids, which are now compatible with any DCS map as well as highly improved. Details below.
  • Removed rudder trim from C-101EB input options.
  • Fixed navigation lights in external model which were hanging in midair when wings/tail are detached.
  • Updated missions according to new smoke system. They can now be launched and edited again.
  • Mission briefing picture will now appear also when main interface theme is not C-101.
  • Changes in sounds. WIP.
  • New VHF NAV (VOR/ILS/MB) implementation. Most of the code redone and made compatible with any DCS map.
  • Updated RMI and HSI course deviation logic.
  • Fixed forward and rear ARN-127 (VOR/ILS/MB) control panel indications and functionality.
  • VHF and MK control knobs made functional in the rear cockpit Intercom Panel.
  • Working Marker lights in the rear cockpit.
  • Fixed VOR/MB test functionality.
  • Working VHF CB in the rear cockpit.
  • Fixed RMI pointers jump when passing through zero heading.
  • Adjusted RMI pointers movement speed.
  • TACAN stowed (when receiver is off) bearing was changed to 155 degrees.
  • Minor fixes in TACAN pointer behaviour during mode transitions.
  • RMI VOR bearing pointer is set to fixed 270 degrees, when ILS station is received.
  • ARC-134 and ARC-127 frequency displays show '11 . 00' and '10 . 00' respectively when priority is set to the second cockpit, and the corresponding radio control box is switched off.
  • Finished rear cockpit RMI/HSI/ADI and other navigation-related animations.
  • Finished NAV priority functionality - AHRS fast erect/sync functions.
  • Fixed warning, and gear low pitched tone sounds volume control: - no more dependence of the Intercom Panel INT knob.
  • Fixed aft cockpit ADI test.
  • Fixed aft cockpit markers lights test.
  • Rear cockpit FD panel repeater implemented (plus brightness control).
  • Rear cockpit ADI pitch adjust was animated (knob has no function).
Some systems are still WIP, like FD commands, ADI pitch adjust or ADI’s rising runway symbol. Stay tuned!

DCS MiG-21Bis by Leatherneck Simulations
  • Adjusted suspension dampers to be more rigid.
  • Adjusted flaps’ drag coefficients.
  • Adjusted pitch, roll, and yaw stability.
  • Fixed RSBN, PRMG, SAU automatic landing modes, causing unwanted oscillation.
  • Fixed pitot tube’s inverted slideslip indicator.
  • Added inputs to silent ARC/RSBN signals.
  • Fixed landing/taxi light inputs to LALT+L.
  • Fixed tires bursting at low landing speeds.
  • Fixed GSh-23 Sound and UPK-23 alignment.
  • Fixed afterburner sound synchronization with animation.
  • Renamed S-24B to differentiate between LNS’ and ED’s weapon.
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