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The BAS-90 system was a dispersed roadbase system used together with the Viggen-system. During the Six-day war the Israeli air-force managed to destroy the majority of the Egyptian air-force while the Egyptian planes was still on the ground. In response to this the Swedish air force wanted to increase the survivability of the ground crew as well as the aircrafts while they were on the ground. During wartime the ground crew and airplanes were distributed to small short road bases that were built around the conventional air bases. The runways were part of the civilian road network and would be closed off when an airplane took-off or landed. The ground crew would rearm the airplane and then quickly disperse to a new location. In DCS the actual road bases are yet not available but the possibility to have a mobile ground crew has been included in the update before last friday’s. The feature is still very much work-in-progress and the current version should be considered a preview. Bugs will happen! Please report them here.

How to place the ground crew in the mission:
In the Mission Editor, create a group of ground units. Normally the group would consist of a lead car of any type, a ammo truck of type “Transport M818” and a fuel truck of type “Tanker M978 HEMTT”. Change the name of the leading car so it starts with exactly “GroundCrew” (without quotes). The name could be “GroundCrew #3” or “GroundCrew BlueFor” or anything similar. Place the units anywhere you are able to get near them once you have landed, this could be anywhere on the map.

How to use the feature once in the game:

Land near the ground crew and taxi as close as you can. Bring up the kneeboard (RShift+K) and turn to the Ground Crew page (use [ and ] to change page). If you are close enough to the ground crew, you should now be able to select loadout, fuel and relocation options. The relocation option is only available if you are flying in single player or if you are the host in multiplayer. If you are too far away from the ground crew the page should warn you about this. Use LAlt+LCtrl+L to cycle the different loadout-options. Use LAlt+LCtrl+F to select how much fuel you’d like. Use LAlt+LCtrl+R to select whether you’d like the ground crew to remain where they are or if they should relocate to your L1 landing base as programmed into the CK37 flight computer. Press LAlt+LCtrl+Enter to confirm your selection and then wait while the ground crew works on the plane. Once you have taken-off again the ground crew might relocate to your L1, if this is what you have selected.

Have a look at the attached example mission. When you start the mission land on the road that you are aligned toward when you start (after you passed the city). Further down the road a ground crew are waiting for you, near an intersection. Taxi close to them. There are two reference-points added in this mission (9201 and 9202). On you datapanel, turn the data-selector to REF/LOLA, switch input/output-switch to IN and input 9202 and push L/MÅL. If you have the ground-crew page up in the kneeboard and selected the option to relocate to L1 it should tell you it will take the ground crew approximately 22 minutes to get there. You don’t need to use a reference-point, you can also use arbitrary coordinates. Once you are happy with your settings confirm it and after the rearming and refueling is finished take-off, fly around for 22 minutes, and then land on L1 where the ground crew will be waiting for you. In the mission there are also examples of a stationary ground crew near a small airfield and one that is controlled through the radio/mission triggers (F10-menu).

Happy rearming!
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