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Default DCS 1.5.6 Update 1

DCS Update 1

To Open Beta at first.

DCS World
  • Restored autobriefing info in simulation.
  • External views and F5 view will be allowed for 'Game Master'.
  • AI planes will able to perform high G turns in the aerobatics tasks.
  • LOD of Oliver Perry corrected.
  • Start of ATGM Vikhr will produce warning on A-10C MWS.
  • MP. Kuznetsov carrier. Clients will not spawn in one place.
  • Scripts. Game crash when player issues command Group.destroy() to their own group fixed.
  • Crash when civilian traffic died fixed.
  • Gunpads sound will heard for all aircraft.
  • BetAB-500ShP booster fire effect corrected.
  • S-24 rocket. Corrected a rocket motor flame volume.
  • AIM-7M. DLZ calculation corrected.
  • AI fighters will be able to attack a low IR signature helicopters with short-range AA missiles.
  • Flight model. Eliminated of parasitic lift ground effect appears in flight under objects.
  • Invalid number of chaff/flares in rearming menu fixed.
  • ME. Voice Over in the triggered action can be localized now.
  • Helipad icon on F10 view will change color after capturing by other coalition.
  • AI helicopters will have a clouds of dust effect near ground surface.
  • MP. Repairing client no longer causes crash. Fixed an occasional crash that could occur when restarting mission. Other stability improvements.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
New item not present in latest 2.0.5 version:
  • Added missing C-101 EB/CC default skin to several countries in ME. Added Chile, Honduras, Jordan and USAF Aggressor skins to their respective countries in ME.
Items already present in latest 2.0.5 version:
  • Fixed collision model to improve FPS, especially when flying close to some objects.
  • Improved flaps external model.
  • Fixed auto startup sequence. No more BLOC.CAB announcement after autostart.
  • Fixed main wheels coordinates, wheel smoke will be shown correctly now.
  • Fixed helmet visor texture (removed banding).

  • Bomb-fall line on Russian aircraft HUDs will not flashing.
  • Su-27. Corrected wheel brakes. Added new command for brakes - LShift+W.

DCS Ka-50
  • FPS drops by half when NAV mode of ABRIS enabled with Water - Low option fixed.

  • A turn coordination with SAS enabled corrected.
  • Training. A-10C-Training-Navigation.miz - TACAN triggers corrected

DCS AJS 37 by Heatblur Simulations
  • Changed height definition (parking space size)
  • Added weapon chart to /Docs/
  • Fix for series-launch after re-arm
  • Updated warheads for rockets
  • Implemented MP Friendly BK90
  • Added localization support for hints and inputs
  • Fixed some tooltip popups
  • Added customized cockpit support (EN Cockpit incoming!)
  • Added localization PO files
  • Added CN hint and encyclopedia localization
  • Added RU localization of payloads/failures/mission names
  • Corrected RB 15 missing its' target
  • Corrected silent RWR
  • Corrected RB-04 and RB-15 for the AI
  • Fixed CTD when entering a mission with a carrier and other ships in the same group
  • Improved structural damage
  • Added Over-G sounds
  • Added basic force feedback implementation
  • Added key commands for stick
  • Rebuilt AFK landing mode
  • Possibly fixed RB-04 and RB-15 rearm issues
  • Fixed some keyboard flight control commands
  • Fixed FORMLJUS shining on wing instead of vertical tailplane
  • Fixed gap in front panel in external view
  • Fixed pylons poking through interior of intake
  • Fixed see through behind FLI ball
  • Re-fixed E-W on FLI ball
  • Re-fixed gap in front canopy rim
  • Optimized various cockpit parts
  • Fixed TILS light staying on after landing
  • AKAN gunpod sounds added (ED)
  • Various misc texture fixes
  • Flaps now retract over 8+ seconds, easing lift loss after takeoff
  • Refactored high alpha warning system
  • fixed ground collision warning staying on after power off
  • Fixed RB-XX name format
  • Corrected small icon
  • Fixed missing ‘4’ on Altitude Gauge

DCS MiG-21Bis by Leatherneck Simulations
  • Adjusted suspension dampers.
  • Adjusted axis roll at slow speeds.
  • Adjusted low speed drag in landing configuration.
  • Adjusted acceleration in climb and turning.
  • Fixed unusual event when AOA stalls, caused aircraft to enter uncontrollable roll.
  • Fixed RSBN, PRMG, SAU automatic landing modes, causing unwanted oscillations.
  • Fixed default chaff and flare quantities for ASO-2 configuration.
  • Fixed the armament selection switch’s logic.
  • Adjusted IR missiles’ detection range.
  • Fixed radar ground reflections’ algorithm while flying inverted.
  • Added landing/taxi lights 3 position commands.
  • ВДИ-30К altimeter now calibrated for International Standard Atmosphere
  • Fixed RSBN distance indicator changing from 019 to 020.
  • UPK-23-250 control box now shows.
  • Corrected “Main Red Lights” rotation animation.
  • Corrected ADI/HSI’s light illumination sequence.
  • Adjusted afterburner animation and sound synchronization.

DCS L-39
  • Fixed errors in artificial horizon behaviour without power.
  • The wing hardpoints will be numbered correctly.
  • L-39 QS and Training missions updated.

DCS Combined Arms
  • SAM radar indicator will not disappear after switching Driver/Gunner/Radar positions. Driver/Gunner/Radar key commands changed.
  • Fixed DCS crash when player leaves ground unit with turned ON radar view.
  • Aiming of Tunguska (SA-19) with stabilization switch-on corrected.

DCS Spitfire IX
  • Update of EN Spitfire flight manual.

Known issue
Significant performance drop with enabled civilian traffic.


7 April Update DCS

DCS World
  • Tree models fixed.
  • Fixed GUI Error when using the condition for the task.
  • F-15C. Fixed performance drop issue related to control axis moving in some cases.

DCS MiG-21Bis by Leatherneck Simulations
Important: This update contains the MiG-21Bis StarForce patch.
Before applying this update, please visit ED forum thread for detailed information:
(English) https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php...85&postcount=1
(Russian) https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=185643
  • Adjusted suspension dampers to be more rigid.
  • Adjusted flaps’ drag coefficients.
  • Adjusted pitch, roll, and yaw stability.
  • Fixed landing/taxi light inputs.
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