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Originally Posted by zaelu View Post
Now it's a bit unclear. Is this procedure intended for a beta patch that is due to release today or for a Stable patch for today?

I use only Stable version, if is not patched then do I still need to deactivate etc?

Also. Is this the only fix for Mig21 that comes with the patch?
It is meant for 1.5.6 openBeta.

You will want to check ED's update page before you play the stable version. If there's a post showing an update for it, then proceed with the instructions.

Originally Posted by azm View Post
What about the Viggen module? Does it use the same SF settings?
You will need to ask Heatblur about their DRM on the Viggen

Originally Posted by bushido View Post
Can you explain the purpose of making a copy of the Mig 21 binary folder as prompted in the PDF ?
Creating a back-up in case something goes wrong.

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