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Project Erebus

5 Roles to fly with over 10 modules included
MISSION LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7y5hp5n1yn...rebus.miz?dl=0

A Russian spy infiltrated Groom Lake AFB where the United States has been developing a new cyber weapon, code name “Project Erebus”. Russia is attacking the facility with an elite task force to get control of the weapon or destroy it. Select a role and follow your direct orders if we want to keep Erebus safe. I designed this mission to act as a dynamic multi-role single player mission.

Mission Features:
  • Dynamic Single Player Mission
  • Fly as USA or Russia
  • Mission voice overs in English and Russian
  • 14 modules included
  • 5 Unique roles within the mission to experience
  • Each role included multiple scenarios for endless replay
  • Play solo or share the excitement online with a friend

Ways to play:

1.Single Player Single Role Experience: Select a Role and Aircraft, fly your mission, RTB. Restart mission and repeat in the same or new role/module.

2.Single Player Dynamic Multi-Role Experience: The mission is designed to continue to evolve with each mission role for those with multiple DCS modules. If you wanted to play all 4 USA roles I recommend the following; after confirmation of mission completion you are clear to move on to the next role. Mission progression would start with {Spy Intercept-->Air-Air-->Air-Ground-->Heli}

3.Multiplayer Experience: Share the excitement with a friend or friends! Simply host the mission with up to 14 available slots and work as a team to cover all roles.

Missions Include:
  • USA Spy Intercept Mission is to eliminate Russian Spy unit in Nevada.
  • USA Air to Air Mission is to intercept and destroy all Russian fighters over Groom Lake.
  • USA Air to Ground Mission is to intercept and destroy Russian armor headed for Groom Lake.
  • USA Heli Mission is to eliminate all Russian forces on American soil.


Russia Air to Ground Mission is to eliminate all American Forces at Nellis AFB to cripple a counter attack.

MISSION LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7y5hp5n1yn...rebus.miz?dl=0]

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