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Oh and can it be clarified if the results will be determined prior to the 27th and that an announcement will be made to that effect because if we wait until the 27th for it, and not selected, won't we who have yet to pre-purchase in hopes of a free Viggen prize would in addition to the loss of the contest lose out on the last chance to pre-order as well. Kind of a double hit if so. Maybe a day prior to last pre-sale day would be good. Just a thought if not already considered. Probably has been though.

On to my shot.

I chose this because my girl said she liked it so much I should get it printed and framed. Simple shot but she liked the contrast and angular lines the runway provided and the gradient from light to dark from the skid marks so figure why not. She generally does me right, though she said she wished it had a red nose. Holidays. I said green will have to do . I also feel it really shows the subtle detail of the texture work in both the plane itself and the runways surface. The minute detail is just amazing when studied closely.

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