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Default DCS 1.5.5 Update 4

DCS Update 4

DCS World
  • Mi-8, UH-1 The smoke in the unloading area restored
  • F10 Radio addCommandForGroup using script will works now
  • Trigger rule "Part of Group in Zone" for human aircraft restored

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
  • No smoke while weight-on-wheels signal is sensed.
  • Fixed smoke system reinit on weapon rearm.
  • Added quantity accounting to the Smoke System. Unlimited smoke capacity is set when the 'Unlimited weapons' option is active.
  • Smoke system messages to user were added when 'Easy avionics' option is active.
  • Fixed some labels and indicating arrows of consoles and instruments lights panels.
  • Fixed consoles textures.
  • Fixed magnetic compass light switch.
  • Added IFR hood keyboard/joystick command.
  • Added functionality for the rear cockpit 'console lights' and 'instrument and storm lights' circuit breakers.
  • N1, N2 and ITT digital displays brightness is controlled by 'Instruments' knob now.
  • N1, N2, ITT and HSI bearing/range and VHF frequency digital displays now have minimum brigthness of 0.5 instead of 0.
  • UHF frequency display FREQ/TEST switch have got 3 positions with TEST position spring loaded. Middle position works like previous FREQ position, and FREQ position always displays frequency disregarding UHF frequency mode knob position.
  • Fixed ADI, it now shows the 20º of bank mark that was missing.

DCS M-2000C
  • Kneeboard: Radio preset page.
  • Added independent animation for left/right main wheel.
  • Fixed relaxed stability issue.
  • Cockpit model update to fix small bleeding bug.
  • Added Campaign missions documentation folder in Docs.
  • Added broken pieces models for left and right wings.

DCS L-39
  • Fixed Pitot heating

DCS Spitfire IX
  • Rearm fixed
  • Gunsight smoked glass corrected
  • Stick animation corrected
  • Changed rate of rewards from 40 to 20 points

  • VOR and ILS localizer bar fixed

  • Lights will not enabled at the cold aircraft start

Bf 109 K-4
  • Artificial horizon and compass fixed
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