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Thank you all.

Here is a little information.

We are laying the final work in the Firmware programming. Which will be version 1.0 , and will be loaded in the first units we send out.

This firmware makes it possible to make the Toggle switches, ON-ON switches that send 2 different switch impules to the game when you turn it on and off. But of course also chose the switch to send the same switch pulse when turned on as when turned off.

The same thing can be programmed for the ON-OFF-ON Switches, so you can send a unique impuls to the game in each position, so it will work as a ON-ON-ON, which is what is needed for the A-10C AHCP panel fx.

The ON-OFF-ON whitches can also work as normal, like 2 switch positions, and 1 Off.

We have chosen to remove the Holding switch function, which makes the switch active until its turned off, this is because we didnt see the need of it, as all games supports key presses, and thats simular to joystick presses.
However, if someone really would want the holding function, we can easily provide a firmware update that gives you that function.

As a final option for these CUB's, we make it possible for people to program individual switches to be On-Off and On-On, like the On-Off-On to be On-On-On, so you can choose a single switch to function as a On-On, and the rest as Normal toggle switches.
We have made it possible to save 4 configurations in the CUB, so you can switch the configurations depending on what you play or use it for. And that can be switches very easily by holding down the 2 Push Buttons for 5 seconds.

All these functions should rule out the need for any third part software, to manage the switch on and off functions.

This is it for now, we are sending the first order very soon, we just need to get this Firmware complete ready before loading them in and packing them up


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