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Please follow the list below (even if you've done it before!) so that everyone's hopefully got the same setup and should hopefully solve a lot of issues

1. Install the latest .NET https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/down....aspx?id=53345 - Even if you think you have it!

1.a If you're on Windows N edition (No media components installed) then install this - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/...ows-n-editions (Likely just specific European versions)

2. Backup and then DELETE the Scripts folder in

C:/Users//Saved Games/DCS/
C:/Users//Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/
C:/Users//Saved Games/DCS.openalpha/

3. Download the latest release ZIP from here: https://github.com/ciribob/DCS-Simpl...eleases/latest

4. EXTRACT the contents of the zip file to a folder

5. Run the installer as ADMINISTRATOR in the EXTRACTED folder

6. Verify that the Scripts folders in:

C:/Users//Saved Games/DCS/
C:/Users//Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/
C:/Users//Saved Games/DCS.openalpha/

Has just these 5 files:



that the Export.lua has just this one line:

local dcsSr=require('lfs');dofile(dcsSr.writedir()..[[Scripts\DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.lua]])
You can copy the files manually from the zip if they're missing.

7. Go to where SimpleRadio Standalone (SRS) Installed to: i.e C:\Program Files\DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone

8. Run the Client.exe as ADMINISTRATOR

9. Enter this address and hit connect. Say YES to any Firewall prompts!

10. Launch DCS, start a single player mission with a hot start aircraft

11. Open overlay, as long as the aircraft is hot start you should now see a frequency on the overlay

12. Whoop and shout, you have radio comms


Double check you've done all the steps in order above!

Remember that you wont get a frequency on the overlay until you're in an aircraft (spectators on multiplayer will also work) and connected to a server.

If you have an older CDU export or Tacview export it won't work either, but by following the steps above they'll be removed to work down the problem list.

1. Check that the windows firewall or antivirus is not blocking the Radio client or DCS Network

2. Double check that the export file has just the one line listed above in it and the 4 other files (
DCS-SRSGameGUI.lua, DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.lua , DCS-SRS-OverlayGameGUI.lua ,DCS-SRS-Overlay.dlg) are in the same folder

Final Steps

If you're sure that everything is OK and you've followed the steps above 100% the same and verified the two points above then:

Post all the logs (DCS & 5 SRS ones) that you find in

C:/Users//Saved Games/DCS/Logs
C:/Users//Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Logs
C:/Users//Saved Games/DCS.openalpha/Logs

As well as your export.lua and a screenshot of your Scripts folder

Adding back in Helios / TacView

SRS should be fully compatible with any other Export script as long as the line

local dcsSr=require('lfs');dofile(dcsSr.writedir()..[[Scripts\DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.lua]])
is at the bottom of your export script.

Once your radio is fully working and you start adding export scripts back in, make sure SRS is always at the end!

Hope this helps!
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