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Default DCS 2.0.4


DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map - Extension Pack

Known issues: DCS Gazelle not working, will be fixed soon

DCS World
  • ME. Attack point circle on the map restored
  • Debriefing. The duplicate tasks and aircraft names in the General Debriefing Data will be filtered
  • Added clickable radio-menu
  • AI UH-1H will not able to fly with broken tail rotor
  • MP. Added keyboard shortcut (F5) to refresh a list of servers in the lobby
  • MP. Lobby. The task column was replaced with an airfield column.
  • MP. Fixed bug that causes a no restriction movement of F11 view after ESC pressing
  • Simulation ESC menu. Added Audio Option panel button
  • Simulation ESC menu. Added Quit to Desktop button
  • Crash when trying to take control (jump into) of AI helicopter with vertical velocity more than 2 m/s has been fixed
  • Mission Generator. GUI Error when trying to change the starting position of vehicle company has been fixed
  • MP. Player kick button will visible only on server
  • The LOD of destroyed Kamaz-43101 model has been fixed
  • MP. Increased default timeouts to 300 seconds
  • MP. Network protocol changed (version 2.0.4 incompatible with 2.0.3)
  • Added new 3D models: KRAZ truck and Merkava 4 MBT.
  • Il-78 tanker. Added lights animation to UPAZ refueling pod.
  • Playable aircraft will not explode when reach negative altitude
  • Bug causing some buildings invisible to client and host is fixed
  • AI wingman will not fly away from the map after tanker destruction
  • Name of airfields in the radio menu corrected
  • “On Shot” trigger will work with manpads

DCS Hawk T.1 by VEAO
  • Aden gun pod fire and ejector positions updated.
  • Brake pressure gauges now functional.
  • Transponder panel now active (for future functionality).
  • Gun and stores stick flaps animated correctly.
  • External textures optimized.
  • Kneeboard updated for authentic Hawk checklists (see install instructions in kneeboard folder).
  • New Nevada airfields and beacons for TACAN, VOR and ILS added.
  • Rear seat switching implemented for single player including functionality:
  • Press 2 and 1 to switch cockpits (can also assign to joystick).
  • Click spots updated for rear seat functionality.
  • Flap and gear control (clickable and joystick) implemented, including emergency flap and gear.
  • Flap and gear indicators functional.
  • Hydraulics and brake pressure gauges implemented.
  • Parking brake, Anti-Skid, Oxygen switch and AC/DC buttons all implemented.
  • HSI, Standby ADI, DGI and pressure settings switches, buttons and knobs functionality implemented.
  • All rear cockpit dash gauges implemented.
  • HSI Tacan / ILS navigation and glideslope functions implemented.
  • Beacon light and test implemented.
  • Accelerometer reset implemented.
  • CWP indicators functional including test switch.
  • Attention light reset switches implemented.
  • Land/Taxi light switch implemented.
  • Cockpit lighting switches, including dimmers, implemented.
  • Cockpit lighting WIP for FPS improvements.
  • CCS box implemented; VHF/UHF/ILS/Tacan (tune radios in front cockpit).
  • Canopy locking lever and safety catch implemented. Note: there is no grab handle in the back, press LCtrl+C to close or front cockpit grab handle).
  • Engine start / re-light sequence implemented. You can start the jet from the back but some switches in front need to be set (Ignition, Battery, LP Fuel Cock and Fuel Pump).
  • Weapons indicator panel functional and tied to front cockpit switch functionality (indicator lights show what has been set in the front).
  • Weapon override switch functional (set to override to disable firing of weapons).
  • Weapon jettison button functional.
  • Multi-Crew:
  • Ability to ride-along in the rear seat in Player 2 slot on multi-player servers.
  • New night lighting implemented in both cockpits.

DCS Ka-50
  • Bug with ABRIS that Eastings coordinates off by 1 degree has been fixed
  • Animation of ejection sequence fixed
  • Parking brake fixed
  • Fire exhaust effect for Ka-50's APU has been added
  • Searchlight will be synchronized between clients in multiplayer

DCS L-39
  • Anti-ice system switch will be OFF at cold start
  • ADI failure lamp will lit when AC power is missing
  • Corrected latitude value on GMK-1
  • Cockpits sounds will depend of corresponding canopy state, forward cockpit by forward canopy and rear cockpit by rear canopy.
  • Emergency generator extension will be visible on net phantoms.
  • RadioCommandDialogPanel error when MP client second time occupied the rear cockpit has been fixed

  • Steerpoint marker on HUD will not floating
  • The parasitic elements of external 3D model were removed from cockpit
  • Fixed click sound for some cockpit switches
  • UHF radio tone sound will not heard without electrical power
  • TAD symbols will not disappearing
  • Second AIM-9 missile will have a seeker indication on HUD

  • Inverted spin has been simulated.
  • UHF Radio - Hinged Access Door will be opened.
  • AIM-9 tone will not be heard if both wingtips gone off.
  • Landing gear audible warning will be heard when warning test switch enabled.
  • TACAN channel selector animation corrected.
  • Fixed RWR sound issues with new contacts.
  • Wing bend and twist due to G-loads has been corrected.
  • Changing TACAN channel will not interrupt current radio chat.
  • Input: Added some axis commands for TDC, rudder trim, lights etc.
  • With the start in the air the F-5E will be trimmed on the assigned speed like it is implemented for all other aircraft.
  • Aileron limiter now disabled at cold start.
  • Single player missions added.
  • Added inert and training stores.
  • Added wing damage with high G overload.
  • Drag chute can not be fully deployed without any airstream.
  • Drag chute model corrected.
  • Fixed missing right wing light halo
  • Corrected training missions triggers (setting course).
  • Some corrections to Flight Manual
  • Added pilot to cockpit
  • Fixed fuel pressure lights simultaneously going off after single engine start
  • Fixed oxygen pressure gage showing 0 after turning off supply lever
  • Fixed chaff program execution when single flare is selected
  • Added IFF input commands

DCS F-86
  • Fixed incorrect effect of flap deflection on pitching moment

  • Su-33: Autopilot mode indication will work
  • Su-33. Digital fuel indicator repaired
  • Su-25T. Engine sound will not disappear in cockpit when RPM<36% and RPM>98%
  • F-15C. The override possibility of TWS 30 degree scan to 60 degree scan has been eliminated
  • F-15C. TDC will not be slewed by mouse to outside the scan zone
  • Su-27. Incorrect indication of fuel quantity when starting in air has been fixed
  • Su-27. Flight control system with AOA and G-limiter has been adjusted
  • Su-27. Autopilot has been adjusted
  • Su-27. Tires strength has been adjusted

DCS Fw 190 D-9
  • Pilot model in cockpit is able to be disabled
  • The decreasing of fuel via refueling dialog will not affect to MW50 quantity
  • Keyboard commands for reticle brightness control has been Inverted

  • Player's role changing will be reproduced in track
  • External F2 camera will do not zooming out on certain angles
  • The missing a pilot's skin fragments were restored
  • Side machineguns control by TrackIR and mouse has been refactored
  • ‘Hot start’ fire is now visible for other clients in multiplayer
  • Search and landing lights will be synchronized between clients in multiplayer

  • Autopilot yaw channel and pedals keyboard control has been reverted
  • Taxi & landing lights will enabled when hot start on ground at night
  • APU exhaust fire is now visible for other clients in multiplayer

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
New items not present in latest 1.5.5 version:
  • Added provisional kneeboard with C-101EB checklist.
  • Finished rear cockpit fuel and engine panels.
  • Coded landing lights switches for rear cockpit.
  • Coded rear cockpit pitot heat korry button.
  • Fixed korry covers (now you need to open the cover to be able to click the korry).
  • Fixed batteries 50ºC temperature korry indication for rear cockpit.
  • TACAN X/Y channel have got click sound.
  • Rear cockpit emergency canopy lever coded.
  • Pitot heat and engine anti-ice systems will reset their state when power is lost.
  • TACAN control panel switches and Intercom TCN knobs are properly set up now at mission start.
  • Fixed animation for TACAN X/Y channel knob and indication.

Items already present in latest 1.5.5 version:
  • Reworked EB stall system test and indication (AOA/STALL warning light will now lit only when stall system is OFF or when the system is in test. Normal system operation, when AOA is over limit - pedals vibration and sound. RESET/OFF/TEST switch was made spring-loaded for both positions).
  • Implemented rear cockpit Korry buttons (ESS bus transfer, L/R battery isolate, Emergency aileron disconnect).
  • Added the following clickability/indication in rear cockpit: GPU korry button, fuel tanks red/green flags, fuel quantity indicator, fuel panel korry buttons, ignition light test, engine computer and engine anti-ice korry buttons.
  • Fixed cockpit mechanism.
  • Removed -1000 ft limit for altimeters.
  • Reworked ejection seat model and labels.
  • Updated autostart sequence.
  • Fixed and finished all cockpit texture.
  • Now GPU can only be connected by using radio menu, deleted its keyboard function.
  • Fixed problem with the front cockpit being clickable from the rear one.
  • Fixed cockpit specular texture.
  • TACAN will work in all theaters now.
  • TACAN panel animation and clickability updated.
  • Terrain masking is correctly accounted now.
  • TACAN ID audio can be switched on/off now via intercom in the rear cockpit.
  • AA TACAN is functional now.
  • Test function was fixed, automatic self-test function was added (starts after 3 sec timeout, when TACAN station signal is lost). Test function can be interrupted by selecting another channel, or switching mode dial to another mode.
  • TACAN ranging function can be turned off by pulling TACAN DME circuit breaker.

DCS M-2000 by RAZBAM
  • PCA Lights.
  • TAS radar mode selection.
  • PCA mode selection.
  • CCIP TAS accuracy.
  • CCRP TAS accuracy.

Bug fixes:
  • safety paddles remain up for AI
  • Intercom fuel switch broken
  • Texture mapping issue (cockpit)
  • Document handler issue (cockpit)
  • "Boule" Pole position cold & dark: incorrect
  • "Boule" bank angle issue
  • Rockets (PPA) - problem with PAR
  • V/UHF Panel Issues
  • Dark Canopy fix for external model
  • Missing kneeboard texture on pilot's body model
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