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Latest updates committed for release (whenever it happens):

-Overall FM takeoff/landing/taxi update
-Corrected fuselage drag with respect to alpha
-Corrected gear reaction
-Corrected idle thrust behavior
-Removed various tuning factors/gains

Cockpit and Systems:
- Scaling of heading tape vs RS and AP indexes (HUD). WiP
- The AP * is not displayed in the HUD in APP mode. Fixed
- North-crossing issues (HUD) Bug. Fixed
- Backup ADI is not cageable/uncageable. Fixed
- Main ADI is not cageable/uncageable. Fixed
- Collision model update for RWR and Jammer sensors.
- External model update: Security paddles for guns and decoys added.
- LODs update.
- External model texture updates.
- RWR Update: self test.
- IP Bombing bug fix: radar antenna elevation when selecting IP bombing.
- PCA Trigger updated for CCRP, CCIP and SELECTIVE JETTISON.
- Radar AGR mode (TAS) reworked.
- CCIP Accuracy improved.
- CCRP Accuracy reworked.
- Removed CCRP Target Cross (Not used by real aircraft).
- MK-82 Multiple bomb release bug fixed.
- CCRP FPM now resets to normal FPM when no bombs remaining.
- V/UHF Panel Fixed
- G-Meter texture fixed.
- Texture for EP warning light changed from RED to YELLOW.

SELECTIVE JETTISON now works as emergency bomb release.
This means that you can drop MK-82, MK-82S, GBUs and BAP-100s either inert or armed, based on the fuse setting in the PPA. Other PPA settings are ignored. Bombs will be released from the aircraft as soon as you press the trigger and for as long as you keep the trigger pressed.

This means that you can drop armed GBUs when using a JTAC without the need to do a CCRP lock.

Cluster bombs CANNOT be jettisoned with SELECTIVE JETTISON.

For other weapons and drop tanks, SELECTIVE JETTISON have not changed.
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