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Originally Posted by Pikey View Post
Quick one from me, with the rewrite (which, I support) will the Hawk be re-released in stages or when you get there as a final product? I'm trying to anticipate if it will get worse before it gets better type of thing? Thus, should we expect to see a long period of nothing happening until it catches up? Just trying to set my own expectations here.
Unlikey, the re-write will be pretty much from the ground up, thereby making it incompatible with the existing code. So it will very likely just land as a rework in one major hit with additions later on for expansion on minor functionality.

Originally Posted by Silver_Dragon View Post
Ells228, can the hawk T.1 improvement, fixes and more catalogue them as a "2.0" version?
It is important not to confuse the rework with a Hawk T2. It will still be a Hawk T1a just with some new back end code.

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