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All good discussion points and I'm not going to go over old ground again.
We have learnt and P40 is testament to that.

I'm happy to YouTube the P40 start up training lesson and taxi take off lesson, of which we are still working on refining; however I'm going to do it when they are more complete (text and voice).

I can't go into official review details for obvious reasons. And I can't give timescales.
The module will be fully reviewed by ED and TFC prior to release.

In terms of Hawk, yes I'll post details up as work is progressing.

I have spent the past couple of days at Jav's house going through an actual Hawk Pilots notes and checklist cards.
Apart from 3 items on the pre-start, start and post-Start checklists which have been omitted from our module for sensitivity reasons our Hawk was on the numbers every step of the way.
I stand behind the fact you won't find any other Hawk in a sim that matches what we have done.

Yes we have a couple of bugs that I mentioned in my original post with re-spawn but again Hawk is on the numbers for ASM.

Bbrz, Hawk EFM is currently in review jointly with ED. More details will be posted later.

I hope that answers most recent questions.
Keep them coming please.


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