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Default Creating a Single Universal Liveries Folder for All Installs

For Users that have Multiple Installs,

This "Module" will Import a Single Livery Folder.

This will allow you to make a /Saved Games/DCS.Liveries/ Folder

within it, the subfolders for each aircraft and their Liveries.

And not have to copy/duplicate every livery for each install of DCS World.

Step 1: Create the Saved Games Folder:
/Users/<USERNAME>/Saved Games/DCS.Liveries/
(You Can Place teh DCS.Liveries Folder Anywhere you want TBH, So if you have a space issue on your C:\ Drive you can place it anywhere, just adjust path accordingly)

Step 2 Copy All Custom Liveries to the DCS.Liveries Folder, each aircraft should have it's own Folder, ie:
/Users/<USERNAME>/Saved Games/DCS.Liveries/f-86f sabre/

Step 3: Create A Folder On your Desktop, name it "Liveries Import"

Step 4: Create the Entry.LUA for the "Module"
(Note: BE SURE TO CHANGE THE <USERNAME> to Your UserName for Windows, also Change the Path if Store in different Location)

declare_plugin("Liveries Import",
installed 	 = true, 
dirName	  	 = current_mod_path,
version		 = "0.0.01 Alpha",		 
state		 = "installed",
info		 = _("Custom Liveries"),
mount_vfs_liveries_path ("C:/Users/<USERNAME>/Saved Games/DCS.Liveries/")

Save Entry.lua in the /Liveries Import/ Folder you made on your desktop.

Step 5, Install the Module.
Copy the /Liveries Import/ Folder.

Goto Each install of DCS World You have in the /Saved Games/ Folder and place a Copy in each install's /Users/<username>/Saved Games/DCS.Install/Mods/aircraft/ Folder
(ie Should be ie /Users/<username>/Saved Games/DCS.OpenBeta/Mods/aircraft/Liveries Import/Entry.lua)
(Updated to change location as to not trip MP IC.)

Step 6 Launch DCS

Goto Mission Editor, Verify Liveries stored in folder are Loaded.
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