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Default DCS 2.0.3 Update 2

DCS Update 2

DCS World
  • Crash server and client in multiplayer when another client occupies manpad unit is fixed
  • IC will not be cheated by unregistered mods
  • External model draw arguments accessible from Export.lua
  • Fixed the issue with artillery that not open fire in some places
  • Added RU phrases for ground air supply
  • MP. Added info about difficulties setting on the server
  • Kneeboard. Added support of localized folder inside mission
  • Mid-range missile hit will not always causes to full aircraft destruction
  • Ground units. Fixed issue with shells that flying through target without collision
  • China unit system will be in metric
  • China's assets callsign format shown in ME is corrected
  • MP. Fixed issue with difficult to close of chat window
  • AA missiles will not dive after miss

  • Su-25. Radar altimeter pointer corrected
  • Su-25. The boom of opened canopy corrected
  • FC3 aircraft. An enabling of cockpit lights at night by default fixed
  • Su-27/33 indication corrected
  • Fixed issue with China a/c radio without audio

DCS SA342 Gazelle by Polychop
  • New same sight for both gun and rockets
  • Corrected VRS
  • Corrected Mistral Missile performances
  • Corrected issue with rearming Mistral version
  • Corrected issue with Yugoslav livery
  • Fixed game crash when crashing mistral version or swapping from mistral version to another helicopter
  • Corrected main alarm lamp to switch off with fuel lever full forward position
  • Changed some cockpit instrument glasses for compatibility with external mods
  • Fixed instruments internal lights
  • Now Copilot is no more be able to engage Autopilot Slaved mode, in multicrew
  • Added FFB feature, still WIP

DCS MiG-21Bis by Leatherneck Simulations
  • Changed default FOV to 150 degrees
  • Fixed side-slip ball while flying inverted.
  • Adjusted flight dynamics with drag chute deployed.
  • Corrected check warning lights button on landing gear panel causing the intake nose cone to extend.
  • Redefined ventilation lever from axis to lever.
  • Adjusted fuel set knob animation assignment to controller rotaries.
  • Adjusted ASP rotary inputs for controller devices.
  • Fixed trigger zone of canopy ventilation system handle.
  • Fixed canopy visibility and animation after rearm/repair.
  • Fixed when AI only fires S-5M rockets in pairs.
  • Corrected R-60M’s all aspect seeker-head.
  • Increased nose cone damage value.
  • Optimized LODs.
  • Added VVS Metal livery.
  • Fixed fuel tank pylons’ texture.
  • Fixed Southeria livery’s unweathered left wing.
  • Created new specular textures for metal and painted liveries.
  • Created normal bump textures for visible damage.
  • Corrected UV mapping on windscreen.
  • Corrected normals’ orientation on static center airbrake.
  • Fixed alpha channel presets for landing gear chocks. Holes now show.
  • Remodeled tires’ animation and damaged looks.
  • Animated engine fan blades.
  • Removed canopy covers for further testing with end-of-shutdown animation.
  • Disabled intake relief and spill doors’ visibility arguments for further testing.
  • Partially fixed two primary engine sounds at mission start.

DCS L-39
  • L-39ZA. A gun smoke texture will not be visible without shooting
  • Pilot textures corrected
  • L-39C. Fixed bug with the weapon panel bomb lamps are not lit, when bombs are on the hardpoints
  • L-39ZA. Gun moment is zeroize
  • Pitot dyn slowdown speed calculation fix

  • Cyrillic characters on the few cockpit warning lights was replaced in the English cockpit

DCS Bf 109 K-4
  • Electrical gauges will depend of electric power
  • Reworked control surfaces deflection saturation to a clamping behaviour
  • Fixed surface degradation upon detachment of control surfaces, redesigned axis-driven elevator trim behaviour
  • Added zero tick to trim scale

  • Fixed through hole on external model
  • CHAFF/FLARE dispenser is available by default during air start
  • Fuel tanks will be available for repair
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