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This is the latest changelog:

- Added AP router indicator
- Fixed horizon line behavior
- Fixed Ground track indicator fixed
- Fixed heading tape jumping around 0 degrees
- Fixed To/From House behavior
- Fixed ILS/App symbology behavior
- Fixed pitch ladder so it moves with FPM
- Fixed pitch ladder movement bounds
- Fixed FPM movement bounds
- Fixed accel chevrons behavior

- Added functionality to backup Attitude Indicator
- Updated Rlaxoxo Sound Mod to v7
- Updated STT target logic
- Updated INS navigation
- Updated IP behavior (WIP)
- Updated MAGIC lock tone
- Updated EFM extrame envelope modeling
- Updated EFM aerodynamic distrubance and separation modeling
- Updated EFM yaw control and side force modeling
- Updated VTB STT display for CCM
- Updated keyboard/joystick bindings (community)
- Fixed weapon gaps on pylons (community)
- Fixed weapon stores relase failure due to excessive G-load
- Fixed AB Cutoff not disabling when closed with cover
- Fixed FBW Emergency mode not disabling when closed with cover
- Fixed brakes not holding aircraft still to MIL power
- Fixed TDC vs. Bullseye coordinates
- Fixed OBL INS Update bug
- Fixed PCA Select bug
- Fixed MAGIC Select bug
- Fixed BAD L/G input bug
- Fixed varous VTB, PCA, Radar bugs
- Fixed engine sound stutter issues
- Fixed Brazilian livery typo
- Fixed typo in Free Flight mission
- Fixed laser code bounds in mission editor
- Fixed AP Test not working
- Fixed incorrect yellow caution sound
- Fixed super radar
- Fixed dropping contacts when out of STT range
- Removed MAGIC seek tone, need to add MAGIC TIR tone
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