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Default DCS: Hawk Update 19 July 2016

Hey Guys,
Now the falling-out-the-sky issue has been resolved here is an update on the main Hawk bugs list for you.

Weapons selector has been fixed (YAY I hear you shout!!).
Flaps and gear down now affect the flight model.
Smoke pod we are still looking into and this will come later.
Aden gun pod will hopefully have it's texture by patch day.
Aden sounds we are waiting on feedback for.
Rudder sensitivity has been tweaked and is currently being tested.
AHRS power spike on re-spawn and HYD2 reset on re-spawn are still being worked on.
DFM (Damage flight model) is being worked on following feedback from ED.
NTTR map ILS for airfields is being tested.
Controls indicator (RCtrl+Enter) is being tested.

Other reported bugs/tweaks are also being looked at.

Keep an eye out for the patch list as to what has made it in for the next patch.

With regards to EFM; one of our pilots is taking up his go-pro on his next training sortie and will record the spin behaviour of the Hawk for us.
We will of course analyse this and tweak the EFM accordingly and post up a comparison video.

I can assure you that Hawk is still being worked on to bring it out of Beta status as soon as we can.

Many thanks,

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