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Hi all.

Getting back up to speed after a 6 month absence so forgive for the last renders instead of prototypes. But I have dozens of different product prototypes to assemble and I'd rather spend the time actually assembling them, then taking pictures of parts or semi finished units.

You all know I've been blabbering on and on about the importance of developing a bunch of stuff simultaneously instead of a single product, and I've done just that. Still I don't see other small companies producing their completely new additions to their lineup of products. They all have great stuff, but it's either pedals, extensions, joysticks etc. Great stuff, sells like cupcakes but several years later, still the same lineup, only modifications and improvements. I am not bashing, just explaining my way, and regardless of anyone's opinion, I plan my business on facts, and the facts told me go this way, or forever be a guy making F-18 sticks, in a garage, for a hotas base that is bound to be outdated at a certain point.

So, before my 6 month planned absence, I've been very busy prototyping everything. The list is too long, I'll post as many renders I can find. These renders are the last 5% of the work before machining, what you're not seeing is the 95% of the work I have to do to keep it cheap and even more important manufacturable, so don't think these are just pretty graphics. All I have to do is press machine start and an hour later I have that very product in hand.

So here's what you'll see from me in the next 6-12 months, piece by piece (not all at once!):

F-18 grips
You know everything, they're ready to go, I just need to see how I can couple them up with my own hotas, again to unify the parts and processes. They are going to be cheap, If you had to take a guess you'd be waay over. However, after simplifying every other manufacturing process, turns out these grips are the most complex thing here. Don't be mad if there'll be other products for sale before them because other products is exactly what will pay for your cheap grips.

General purpose aviation panel (for FC3)
Excuse the missing landing gear and tail hook levers. Just another example of why I do multiple developments at once. It took several other products to develop a unified lever mechanism for them all, which speeds up manufacturing, which brings down pricing and drives volume up. Now I'm not the only one who can do this, but you might be farmiliar that single panels/buttons boxes go for 200-300$, I am aiming for 99$, again not really possible on it's own, but with a dozen other products, very possible. With some help from developers, we can make it truly plug'n'play like the warthog.

PRO aviation panels (for DCS)

I started on the A-10 but that thing is a monster, I may have to switch to the F-18 or any other available model because they're at least 4x less complex. And again, you A-10 guys would have to pay a gazillion bucks for something like this if I only did the A-10, but other modules are what's going to pay for your cheap A-10 panels, even if I make them at a slight loss.

General WWII aviation panels
These will be toned down versions of the pro WWII panels.
(see example below)

PRO WWII aviation panels

These will be full blown left/right panels, every single command functional even the rolling canopy open/close, clamp to your desk, put on a stand once you're finished and be the coolest friend to come over for a beer to. Each side will be cheaper then a couple generic button boxes available today. Started with P-51 because it's at least 4x more complex than any other WWII cockpit I looked at, so it gives me the worst case scenario pricing.

WWII plane specific 'hotas'

Hotas units for those who are on the budget and can't afford the whole deal. Joystick+throttle. Dirt cheap (compared to what's available today), full replica, industrial quality.Plug'n'play.

Instruments, for everything eventually.

Working mechanical instruments, including digit counters for modern jets.

I think I'll stop now because there's too much. And before all the questions will you make this or that, or how are you going to make them plug'n'play etc. I haven't taken any money, just let me work and we both reap the benefits for the next 10 years. My road as a one man show are over, I'm getting a manufacturing partner and involving other people so I might go quiet for a month or two again, BUT I'll be assembling and testing prototypes instead of making pretty pictures so you won't be disappointed.
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