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Default DCS 1.5.4 Open Beta

Today we'll release DCS 1.5.4 to Open Beta for open testing.

DCS World
  • Multiplayer. New integrity check system*
  • Multiplayer. New extrapolation algorithm
  • Multiplayer. Added an input adjustment possibility
  • New and improved MiG-29 model
  • New Campaign Builder design with multi language support
  • ME. Payload panel. Added skin preview in the 3D view. The feature based on scripts created by uboats.
  • ME. Added new trigger UNIT’S ARGUMENT IN RANGE for checking animation argument for any 3D model in mission
  • ME. Added new trigger PLAYER’S UNIT ARGUMENT IN RANGE for checking animation arguments for player’s 3D model of unit in mission
  • ME. The year can now be changed on the briefing menu
  • ME. Season is now automatic and dependent on the date of the mission
  • Fixed Object.destroy() for cargo objects
  • Fixed Unit.getRadar() to return correct information for ground units with radars
  • Fixed AI issues caused by toggling AI on/off
  • Fixed dynamically added ground units now correctly follow orders
  • ME. Added the ability to place helicopters on the ground for the cold and hot start
  • Encyclopedia. New 3D view
  • Options panel. New design
  • Support of hot plug of input devices now
  • Module manager. Added DRM button for activation/deactivation
  • Returned moon in the sky
  • Corrected animation of airshow cone
  • Oculus Rift. RadioCommunications and triggered messages menu font increased
  • Oculus Rift. Kneeboard and terrain clipping issues fixed
  • Oculus Rift. Oculus Zoom action added to "UI layer" input options
  • Oculus Rift. VR settings can now be applied without restarting GUI

  • Su-27. CN Flight Manual updated
  • Su-27. Added Russian training missions.

DCS Fw 190
  • The Challenge campaign. Updated a few missions / all the briefing images.
  • The Challenge campaign. Russian locale added.

DCS L-39
  • Fix of causeless fire in the hangar and formation below other aircraft
  • Added gauges with imperial scales

  • Oxygen QTY pointer will move not discrete when test oxygen button depressed

  • Some improvements and bug fixes for Sling load operations
  • The hints now in Kneeboard (later it will fully removed from screen)

  • Some improvements and bug fixes for Sling load operations
  • The hints (about Weapon status, sling load status) now replaced to Kneeboard
  • Now the ground crew can be called without setting an intercom, but opened Window
  • R-863 in default is tuned on ME frequency
  • Default position of the switch ДЕНЬ-НОЧЬ depends on the time of day
  • Fixed failures in ME
  • Added view on Cargo from pilot seats (LShift + LAlt + С), will tuned later
  • Fixed mirrors status during mission start
  • Parking brake fixed
  • After Hot start: pitot heating initialize, SARPP init state, Air Inlet Particle Separator System is initialize, GMC-1A already slaved
  • Human radio modulation changed to AM
  • Tail Rotor Control Failure, repair fixed
  • Add animation for Rotor Swash Plate and Antitorque Rotor Hub.

  • Added SA342L model featuring Gun, Rockets, new camera with only daytime view, no NVG, rockets recoil to be corrected later
  • Added SA342L separated manual
  • Now both internal cockpit pilots bodies can be hidden using RShift+P key in sequence
  • Corrected Flight Model in turns
  • Corrected Flight Model in dives
  • Corrected HOT3 missile to explode as soon as wire is cut
  • Corrected Rotor torque behavior depending on speed
  • Corrected pitch and roll stick sensitivity
  • Corrected helicopter skids behavior at ground
  • Now helicopter can land in grass
  • Now external pilots bodies don't show when helicopter is set as uncontrolled in ME
  • External copilot body is still visible when helicopter is set as static in ME, will be fixed later
  • Corrected campaign missions to keep player current stage
  • Corrected COMB warning at Alarm panel and manual accordingly
  • Corrected Flares now reload when rearming
  • Corrected Engine sound not to change while in Torque test
  • Corrected Trimming with Magnetic brake
  • Corrected wool wire to correctly reflect wind direction
  • Corrected NADIR VENT parameter to display absolute direction the wind comes from
  • Corrected SAS authority during turns

DCS C-101
  • Corrected mirror far vision.
  • Modified Special Options interface according to new appearance.
  • Changed EB and CC available tasks in ME.
  • Added CC Sea Eagle missile launch capability for AI.

DCS Hawk
  • W key fixed - both toe brakes on.
  • Fuel burn refined.
  • Sight glass 3d object fixed - work in progress.
  • Sight glass holders transparency fixed.
  • TrackIR view limits set.
  • Canopy glass external model more transparent.
  • Brake pressure increased to hold aircraft on full power.
  • Parking brake keyboard and joystick shortcuts set (LCTRL+W = off, RCTRL+W = on).
  • Flaps changed default to F = next detent, LSHIFT+F = previous detent and renamed to Flaps group.
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