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Here is the P38D, first version.
I thank all the friends who have helped me.
Please read the readme.txt

********** Mod for DCS World *******************************
*********** P38D *******************************

1) CAUTION: To use this mod, you must have purchased the P51D
2) unzip the zip file and copy the P-38D Lightning folder inside the folder C: \ Program Files \ Eagle Dynamics \ DCS World \ Mods \ aircraft
3) Copy folders
from the folder P51D
and paste them into the folder of the P38D

4) The P38D is driveable but I recommend using it only as AI.
Known bugs: in this version you can not land and take off
If you want to pilot the P38D must place the aircraft in flight directly from the mission Editor.
If I can fix this error will release a new version.

A cordial greeting to all.

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