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Small Announcement

Hi All, for the last few months I've been working on a small side project that will hopefully make it to a BuddySpike round soon... although I'm away for the next month so it will be delayed at bit [emoji14]

Introducing the snappily named: DCS Simple Radio Standalone

The goal of this project is to bring integrated Radio Comms into DCS similar to my existing TS plugin and others (Aries, UniversRadio, TARS) but without relying on TeamSpeak.

The Standalone is meant to be a compliment for TS, allowing players to use Full Radio voice comms if they want with the eventual goal of the program automatically connecting when connecting to a multiplayer server. TS is then used as a fall back to establish frequencies or for those that don't have the radio.

Its quite early days but currently I have working:
  • All FC3 Aircraft with Realistic Radios and Frequencies
  • All Clickable cockpit aircraft including Gazelle
  • Hotkeys for PTT + Switching Active Radio (Gazelle + FC3 only)
  • GCI / CA Radio
  • Radio Overlay indicating current frequencies, selected radio and active light
  • Built from Scratch voice protocol using OPUS encoding

A few people are currently putting it through its paces and some early feedback is already being incorporated (microphone boost, and Frequency HotKeys) but I hope you can all see the potential.

If you're interested, you can see the code and software here: https://github.com/ciribob/DCS-Simpl...eleases/latest

You only need to run the installer to install the Scripts into DCS. The SR-Server.exe can be run without the installer.

When I'm back I'll open a dedicated thread to keep you all updated on progress. There is a lot more to do but I thought I'd post to keep everyone up to date
Scripts: Complete Transport And Logistics Deployment - CTLD / CTLD Examples - Lots of example of how to use CTLD
CSAR Script - Downed Pilot Rescue / Dedicated Server Script - Automatically launch DCS Multiplayer server at startup
Range Scoring Script - Get scores and counts hits on targets for gunnery or bombs / SimpleSlotBlock - Multiplayer dynamic Slot Blocking Script

Projects: DCS-SimpleRadio Standalone - DCS Radio Integration for All Aircraft - NO TeamSpeak Required!
DCS-SimpleRadio Troubleshooting Post / DCS-SimpleRadio Free Support Channel on Discord

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