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Default Leatherneck Mini-Development Update

Hi All,

Many thanks for all of your support and excitement for the last update and additional images we posted!
It's always exciting to share what we're working on; and pretty soon we'll be coming close to sharing years of hard work with you.

As we move into May; the team progresses into a hard, month long crunch on the AJS-37 Viggen project.
Refrain from drawing any conclusions from this cursory information- but we're excited about growing closer to completing our second product and follow up to the MiG-21bis.

We'll soon be stuck neck deep in the superficial polishing stage.

In the meanwhile; we continue to work hard on the F-14A / B as well as the accompanying CV-60/1/2 Forrestal class carrier.
We've completed modeling of our flight deck crew; and will be modifying this base to suit all of the various crew you'd find on a busy carrier flight deck.

Smell my finger

We've also already created the low poly version of this particular character; baked him down and rigged him.
Generally, all of our characters will appear just as detailed in the game as they do in these renders.

As mentioned in the last update, our goal is to try and include as many deck animations as we possibly can. Of course, it's quite possible that this particular feature will not launch together with the carrier or aircraft.
However, that has not stopped us taking our first steps with Motion Capture.

Here's a rough capture (pre-cleanup) of one of the many animation sequences we'll be looking to recreate

The past few weeks have been spent shaping the hull and major structures of the vessel, as well as more detailing on the island and associated components.

It's still early days; and while our team has had significant experience in modeling naval vessels in the past months- the Forrestal class is certainly a challenge.
We'll take another pass at our new base, make sure it is correct, and then move on to detailing the hull and major hull components.

In the last couple of weeks, we posted a few images and .gifs in various places around the forum.
On the off chance that some of you missed these; here they are again.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record- keep in mind that these are still very early.

We still have lots of cool F-14 related stuff coming up before we wrap things up and unveil the Viggen, but in the meanwhile, many thanks for reading this short update and for all of your support.

Thank you!
Nicholas Dackard

Founder & Lead Artist
Heatblur Simulations

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