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Default Caucasus Map Texture DLC by Starway

Caucasus Map Texture DLC by Starway

This DLC is a complete retexturing of the existing DCS World Caucasus map to provide a new and improved look and feel. The objective of this DLC is not just to create more modern graphics, but to also make the map more resemble this geographic region. This has been accomplished by basing most of the textures on satellite images of the Caucasus region. Specially, the fields and grass areas much better match this region than the default map textures.

Beyond that, a great deal of time and effort has done into creating new building textures. They are high resolution now and are also based on the actual region. This is also true for the trees, surface textures beneath urban areas, and of course the mountains. These are remarkable changes to giving this map a huge level of improvement.

This DLC also contains features that are less apparent, such as: all the lua files (files for terrain configuration) has been improved, better road textures, updated noise and clutter textures, and the border textures between fields.

Caucasus Map Texture DLC by Starway Features:

– Noise/base textures in for all seasons

– Overall HD building textures for all building except airports
– Completely new field and grass textures for all seasons based on satellite images of the Caucasus region
– Tree textures for all seasons with a volumetric look
– Mountain textures based on satellite images for all seasons
– Distant terrain textures for all seasons

– New textures/noise for all cities, towns, and industrial areas for all seasons
– Border textures for all seasons
– New road textures for all seasons

– Adjusted terrain configuration files

It will cost $ 9.99.

Happy flying!



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