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Default DCS 1.5.3 Update 2

DCS Update 2 today

A-10C BFT Campaign is available.

DCS World
  • Game will be able re-save older mission files correctly
  • MP. Double ejecting of net-phantom pilot is eliminated

  • Mach number indicator needle smooth movement
  • Tooltips corrected
  • Input commands of sight ranging corrected
  • G-LIMIT LIGHT indicator corrected

DCS MiG-15bis
  • Mach number indicator needle smooth movement
  • Added padlock

DCS Ka-50
  • The overcast clouds will not be rendered in ABRIS

  • Autostart/Autostop sequences added
  • ES and CN localization updates, mainly regarding autostart/autostop sequences
  • Fixed pilot body drawing and helmet animation
  • Rear pilot’s head is now visible from cockpit view
  • Front pilot left arm (throttle animation) added in outside view
  • Several 3D and textures corrections in cockpit instruments
  • Ejection handle is now operative through clickable cockpit
  • New interface background picture added
  • Cockpit reflections improved
  • Encyclopedia improvements
  • Several mission updates
  • Right battery behavior fixed
  • Instrument lights fixed (interaction between cockpit flood lights and external model cockpit lights)
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