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Default VR Update - March 2016

Dear all,

As both the Rift and Vive near release, we continue improving VR support. We have both CV1 and Vive Pre kits and we are doing our best to create a great VR experience in DCS.

Last week in fact we added the "laser pointer" mouse to interact with cockpits. When the pointer is over a cockpit interaction element, it will turn green. We also greatly improved the presentation of the menu UI to make it look nicer and more readable. We are also now using Rift release code 1.XX.

There are still a few areas we want to improve, but overall, I think y'all will will have a great time with it. We see VR as seastate change for seated simulation. I do all my DCS "fun time" in VR now. Be it Rift or Vive, both will provide a very immersive experience.

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