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OK, this will be a longer post.
I finally, more or less, finished my SFS throttle. It was huge modification. I saw a few post from GVL224 an his throttle mechanics. Like HERE and HERE.

So I contacted him and asked 100 questions, GVL224 was patient and answered to all of them, I had rough idea what to do and he said what can be done or what cannot be done. When we arranged everything I sent him grips from SFS throttle and he designed everything. Not many people would do it. When it was finished I payed and a few days latter throttle mechanics and new box arrived and it is great. Build quality is awesome, it is built from steel. I think mechanics will last for a lifetime.
Thank you GVL224!!! I recommend this to everybody.

That was I think in November. Then I took a quite a lot of time with planning, buying switches on eBay, designing new PCB and in the end I discovered 3D printing and that changed everything. That gave me a lot of flexibility.

First I bought this Switch on eBay:

That is Otto P8 switch. Something similar is used on real grips and throttles. It is fantastic, you cannot press this one by mistake. It takes a lot more force to actuate it. When you shake it nothing moves. I used it as a left multi function switch.

Then I didn't like those momentary toggles. They were so cheap, levers were moving even if not actuated. Even worse than those crappy switches on TM Warthog throttle. So I found this:

That is Honeywell 11TW1-7 toggle switch. As you can see they are expensive. I bought 10 for 8 Euros on ebay, I was lucky. This is perfect toggle switch, even better than OTTO, in my opinion.

Honeywells have better tactile feel. They are waterproof and dust proof, all things that I don't need, but because of that they have rubber coat inside that gives some resistance while moving and great click. Also levers are completely stationary when you have fingers on them, no wobbling. Only problem was that levers were to long and a conical. I knew I'd have difficulties mounting knobs on them. First I thought of this:

As you can see this is almost impossible without destroying a switch. I just couldn't hold lever in place while cutting threads.

Then I simply cut them and decided to 3D print knobs.


Red one should be gray, but I just wanted to see how red prints look like.
I used grub screws, M3 x3. And it worked, screws hold all knobs in place.

I didn't cut CMD Dispenser Switch but used same method for fixing the knob.

Then I was thinking about slew control and I decided to use PS3 thumb stick, it has hall sensors, so I made this assembly:

All together:

Right Multi-Function Switch, 4 way. I used old switch from old FLCS. I also made enclosure for it for easier mounting and knob also.


All fit together nicely.

And last one Antenna Elevation Control. I saw this photo and a drawing of F15 throttle and saw that it uses knob similar or same as one on TQS.
On the right is one I had from old TQS, throttle. On the left is 3D print. Potentiometer couldn't fit so I used Apem encoder.

And last thing before assembly was a new PCB for Leonardo pro micro. Idesiged PCB in Eagle cad, and PCB was cnc routed.

This way there is much less mess with wires. And it is very easy to disassemble everything if necessary.

I'll split this post into two, it is too long.

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